Friday, May 09, 2008

The birthday party

Took Poopee to her first ever birthday party - a friend's 4 year old birthday party.

It was quite a strange experience. Very awkward moments indeed.

I was bombarded with twenty or so women - all mothers or mothers to be, lavishing attention to their own babies/children and/or other people's babies/children, discussing certain impending births, and in particular - a friend of a friend's who just gave birth this morning (hmm.. ahh...her water broke first then it was over and done with very quickly!).

It was mumzilla overdrive. The chaos nearly sent my otherwise idle ovary into ovulation overdrive.

Me and Poopee had a pretty nice time. She wanted to explore the house, walking rather wobbly with me partially supporting her. A few mums commented that my full-headed girl look a little like Suri Cruise - the Asian version of course. It is rather complimentary to be told my gorgeousness resembles the child of movie stars. But not so complimented to think I might have given birth silently like Katie.

New trick today - she has developed a temper. You take an object of interest off her hand - she chucks the biggest tantrum and jumps up and down to display her dissatisfaction/anger - and if you EVEN try to pacify her with another toy - she grabs it and throws it away with as much force as possible.

Nice work, darling.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Where did I go?

Been reading this book.

Incredible, incredible stuff. I cannot believe how much this woman had endured, and how much the people who had hurt her got away with all those years. I was overwhelmed with sadness as I read about her experiences.
These child molesters should be locked away for good. Throw the key away. Jail is too good for them.
Got my first real period last week. I had a two year break from aunt-flow. Throughout my pregnancy I was too scared to see even a tiny speck of blood - so it was always dreaded. And during Poopee's first year - I was happy to be relieved from it because a raging period is not something that goes well with lack of sleep and other baby maintenance activities.
Even before I reached for my first bag of sanitary napkins - Apeman gleefully announced to me that it is Time To Try For A Second ONE.
`A second one of what?'
`A BABY! A sister or brother for M......'.
Haven't quite made up my mind about this second baby business. I am enjoying my gorgeous girl way too much to even think about the possibility of a second baby. Too lazy now. Don't want to tread (even if it is slowly) down the infertility roller-coaster. I had to remind Apeman that just because we had one baby successfully does not necessary mean the next baby is going to be easy come.
Plus I think I need at least two years (or some nafty plastic surgery) to recover from all that pulling my Poopee is doing to my nipples. Yikes!