Friday, September 03, 2010

Hello from The NeverNeverLand!

I thought I will do a post and provide an update because I just remembered this blog and came back to have a read, and realised there are still people reading it! Thank you for dropping by and I hope my story (though badly written and horribly presented, nothing fancy like some of the nice blogs out there) will offer some help or even hope to those who are still waiting for their dreams to come true.

I know what is like to feel desperate and completely hopeless, wondering if there is anybody out there who feels the same, and the need to read just ONE story with a happy ending.

My girls are now 1 and 3.5 years old. After my experiences as an infertile seems to have shaped the type of mum I want to be. Before I was always firm about returning to work and maybe re-establish my half-ass career after the years of infertility emotional roller coaster ride. But now that my girls are here with me, I just want to stay home and be a soccer mum. My older daughter (Poopie, as I lovingly referred to her as when she was inside me) has Specific Langauge Impairment, which means her speech is slow to evolve and may take years of speech therapy to get it right. But she is bright as a button, very emotional and cheeky. Although it has been very tough coping with her speech delay (and breaks my heart when I see her sadness when she couldn't communicate with us some of her needs) - I only need to think of how difficult our journey was to conceive her - we can overcome anything! Her sister on the other hand surprises me with her early speech and has a completely different persona compared to her sister. Both are gorgeous girls - the little girls from my dreams all those years ago. I can go on forever about how grateful I am to have two gorgeous girls.

And many tutus do you think a girl needs? Oh the joys of shopping for them.

I sincerely wish for all of your dreams to come true.