Monday, September 21, 2009

Call in the big band, it's a celebration!

On 20th August 2009, and once again like last time, my waters ruptured just past midnight after two days of on-off labour pains. And once again Apeman expertly jumped out of bed and got me the towels and mobile phone to call the labour ward. This time seemed alot more painful because I was quite advanced into the labour, and the epdiural didn't quite work on one side of my body.

Erin Carmen was born three hours later. She was premature at 36 weeks and was a skinny rabbit, but at a good size of 2.7kg. I required no stitches, just some painful swelling in my la-la but by the third day I reckon I could've run the marathon. This body is designed for child birth!!!! I used a bit of gas to help me through the labour when I was waiting for the epidural guy, but once the epidural kicked in (or rather, it didn't quite), I still feel the pain and pressure but I was desperate to get my baby out!!!! So I just PUSSSSSHED!

Erin spent a total of 9 days in the neo-natal unit because of her size and also for her to establish feeding. By the time we left the hospital she is a brilliant breastfeeder, and is a gorgeous little pocket rocket.

Though I am a little tired from the lack of sleep and energy looking after my two princesses, I can safely say I am the happiest mum in the world. Who would've thought? The ultimate walking contraceptive device just had her second child?

Happy, just very, very happy.