Thursday, January 25, 2007

30 Weeks

Two significant events occured yesterday.

The first one is my 30 week OBS appointment. For the first time in ages (since the earlier delightful ultrasound sessions to measure size of Poopee), my OBS was able to feel for the size of Poopee. He discovered two things - first Poopee is currently sitting head down, which probably explains why she's been doing little kicks just underneath my breasts. Secondly, at 30 weeks old Poopee is approximately the size of a 31/32 week old - which makes her an above average sized baby. Which surprised the both of us because me and Apeman are not that big in size.

The second significant event was our first pre-natal baby class. It was delightful. I cannot describe how pleased we are to be able to finally attend a baby class - I enjoyed every minute of the session - and look forward to the visit to the maternity ward next week. But there is still that small icky feeling - with me feeling like a fraud sitting amongst that group of pregnant mothers and expectant fathers. That infertile chip on my shoulder lingered as I eye other pregnant bumps amongst the group and wondered what journey they had to travel in order to be here tonight. Fortunately I was constantly reassured by the little life inside me - Poopee was wriggling and turning slowly throughout the entire session, I found myself rubbing her raised bottom afffectionately.

They showed us a birthing video. Afterwards when the midwife turned the lights back on, I find myself blinking away tears. I looked over to Apeman and saw his eyes were red - like mine.

Monday, January 15, 2007

29 Weeks

Here's the latest of how I look now. In full maternity glory.
I went to a dinner party last night - all my closest friends were oohing and ahhing over my belly - gently touching it and making cute baby comments. As far as I can tell, Poopee is laying sideways - her bottom is on the right side of my belly (which pokes out occasionally when she stretches), and her head on my left side - which makes my belly appears much wider than usual.
Oh and I KNOW my butt look big in this photo. Apeman's been trying to get me to go to the beach with him, but I told him I ain't putting on a bikini because there is NO WAY I am showing my bare bits to the public. I am just a little self conscious about it and felt protective about my new body.

Just the other day, I dropped by a local pharmacy to check out their range of feeding products. It was a really hot day, and I was absolutely dying for a wee. I left the pharmacy and into the carpark, only to discover that some TOOL has parked right up against the driver's side of my 4WD. Initially I really gave it a good go to enter the car in various positions, but my belly was in the way so in the end I had to give up and waited for the other car owner to show up. And of course he/she never did. So I asked a bystander to reverse my car out of the spot for me so I can climb in. It was the first time I feel really clumsy and helpless.

I have 2.5 months to go. Apparently this is when the belly really grows - and I look big enough as it is!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Some Amusement

Firstly thanks to those to commented on my dog problem - I appreciate all your comments and from now on I think we will just have to be careful with who Max mixes with. Nothing to follow up as the female dog owner remains uncontactable so there is really no resolution.

There has always been a mild case of nipple hair for me (being a dark haired girl and all). Nothing tragically ugly, just tiny little black hairs around the nipples. The pregnancy somehow had aggravated the growth of nipple hair and suddenly I became the Apewoman - I have seriously large nipple hairs and a small patch of soft hairs on my stomach. There is also this hideous ring of hairs around the belly button.

It got rather embarrassing, I almost didn't want to go naked in front of my beloved of 12 years.

And that is not the only amusing part for me.

Ever since the eve of my first trimester and throughout the entire second trimester, I began to experience nocturnal orgasms during my sleep. Initally I thought I only dreamt about them, but then I began to wake up FEELING these orgasms. OF COURSE it scared me crapless, because there were times when the orgasm subsided I feel a little pelvic crampy. I was wondering if the orgasms were doing any harm to Poopee (and how Poopee will think of me as a mother...having hands-free orgasms and thinking about sex all the time in my sleep and all...). I did a little research but I couldn't find an explanation, although I managed to find one woman who had orgasms (on her own in her sleep) throughout her pregnancy, even during her breastfeeding period. Needless to say, Apeman thinks I am a dirty girl and he was a little jealous.

Then third trimester kicked in.

First thing I noticed was I no longer have my orgasms. I used to have them up to four times a week. (Yes, lucky isn't it?). Which is good. And then a few days ago in the shower I noticed all of my nipple hairs have fallen off. LIKE, ALL OF THEM. Not a single one remained. Not even the little tiny ones. I couldn't have done a better job plucking them myself. I take this as a blessing. Somehow I think porn star nipples looks much better hairless.

I have also finished knitting a couple of cardigans for Poopee, I will post them as soon as I find out where Apeman left my camera. He is a dead man if he looses it again.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


And it just became a little more interesting.

A few days ago (before Apeman approached the police to file a complaint about the death threats he received), the female dog owner apparently contacted the Ranger and lodged a complaint. The nature of the complaint is apparently `Dangerous dog attacking innocent bystanders in common park'.

And of course this got me worried. I think this woman wants her pound of flesh from Max. She wanted him gased and put out of his misery.

Apeman was required to fill in a statement outlining his side of the story. The Ranger just dropped by to speak to us just now (and to take a look at Max). The first thing the Ranger said to us was he too gets annoyed when people talk shit about big dogs. Just because they are big dogs it doesn't mean they are monsters. I told him Max was also bitten during that incident, and he is constantly chased and play-biten by little small Jack Russells in the park. The Ranger agreed but unfortunately for us this woman is after her pound of flesh.

The accessment occured as I expected - Max literally licked the Ranger to death. (Yes, to death). We are talking about a Ranger, who probably has tens of other dog smells on him - including the dogs he dealt with just this morning, and Max just licked him and played with him. This is not the behaviour of a monster dog. If you are a true dog lover, you should know that too. He asked us to keep the death threat SMS messages and report any future ones from this woman if need be.

One interesting thing we discovered was this female dog owner could not be contacted once she made the call to the Ranger. He had been trying to contact her for a few days and she did not return his calls. Apparently all she wanted to do was to point the finger at us and run.

We have a clear conscience, Apeman paid for the vet bills and had to miss work this morning just to make himself available for the Ranger. Whereas she won't even make a statement herself. We have done everything we can and we hope this is the last we hear of this.

And yes - we will continue to take Max to the same park for walks - this time firmly on the leash - even if she said she will kill him if she sees him.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Follow up

Just want to do a follow up on my dog story - and thanks to those who offered words of support. It is now a little more serious as the female dog owner decided to send SMS messages of death threat to Apeman. I can understand her passion as a dog owner but I think she has definitely crossed the line here. The messages basically outlined how she would kill Apeman if she sees him again, and how she would hurt him. Apeman apparently kept the news of the new SMS messages from me for a few days, but he decided to take action (and tell me about it) when the messages are becoming more serious. Right now he is lodging a complaint with the police because he is worried about me.

She has also threatened to put a noose on my Max.

I am not going to take the injuries on her dog any lightly (but the vet re-confirmed to us that it was indeed a few grazes that probably did not require stitching - but they were stitched just to be on the safe side to avoid inflamation upon the request from the dog owner). But we have cooperated with the dog owner and paid the bills and so I don't know what else can we do to stop her from issuing death threats to us.

Will update again once we filed the police report.

The itching continued, though my stomach is not as red and itchy now. Thanks Tiffany for the soap information - I will look into that as soon as I finish this post!

I am just a little depressed about the incident with Max. It is amazing how quickly and easily your spirit is broken even though I am carrying the biggest lottery ticket win ever (my poopee).

Poopee continues to do well - she is packing in quite a good punch/kick these days. I love sitting down and watches her thrash abouts in my stomach. A funny story happened the other day when she was kicking me all morning, even whilst I was at my doctor's surgery. But as soon as I was laid out on the doctor's examination table (for him to check the size of my uterus) - she remained very, very still. My cheeky little quiet mouse. Then the moment we left the doctor's surgery she started up again.

My centre of gravity has definitely shifted, making me clumsy, and these days I waddle instead of walk. Nobody believe I am only 6 months pregnant - they thought I am close to term, or I am carrying twins. The third trimester is definitely not going to be as cruisy as the second....

I also went out and bought some maternity bras today. I have never paid that much money for bras in my life (and for something not very sexy at all) - but it was a new experience I enjoyed very, very much.