Tuesday, April 14, 2009


17.5 weeks today.

Spotting has stopped since four weeks ago, but then the last day or so we are back to spotting. If I am not already showing I would completely freak. Well, I still freak, but not as much.

What can I do anyway? I can only sit here and wait for another doctor's appointment to give me some sort of confirmation that things are going to be ok. Just mysterious blood from mysterious parts of my inner regions. Baa....fuck. (I give up).

On the up side - I can feel small little fluttery movements occasionally. Even as early as 13 weeks!!! Braxton Hicks started early this time at 15 weeks. I now remember how uncomfortable the BH's are with my first pregnancy, especially when they happen later in third trimesters - the teeth clenching ones that takes your breath away.

Poopee-wise - that girl is my little heartbreaker. She is such a little mini-me. She is developing such a strong little personality that almost gets what she wants. We had an eventful little outing to Ikea during the long Easter weekend and she went absolutely mental there. She had a shit-fit because she couldn't wander off on her own and climb a display unit...something like that. Both Apeman and I agree that will be one of the very last trips to Ikea as a family. We did manage to purchase a cute little toddler bed for her, with the mattress and matching sheet sets.

Oh - and she is not eating. She is such a super fussy eater. I am now running out of ideas as to what to feed her. No she doesn't like pasta or rice, or finger foods, or mushy foods, or colourful foods, or even foods you consider the worst for children - she won't have a bar of it. Just super picky. I am taking her to see a paed next week just to see what's going on.

My already swollen fat fingers, and fat feet, can only take me this far this time. Time to get up for a little walkabout!