Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Follow up

Just want to do a follow up on my dog story - and thanks to those who offered words of support. It is now a little more serious as the female dog owner decided to send SMS messages of death threat to Apeman. I can understand her passion as a dog owner but I think she has definitely crossed the line here. The messages basically outlined how she would kill Apeman if she sees him again, and how she would hurt him. Apeman apparently kept the news of the new SMS messages from me for a few days, but he decided to take action (and tell me about it) when the messages are becoming more serious. Right now he is lodging a complaint with the police because he is worried about me.

She has also threatened to put a noose on my Max.

I am not going to take the injuries on her dog any lightly (but the vet re-confirmed to us that it was indeed a few grazes that probably did not require stitching - but they were stitched just to be on the safe side to avoid inflamation upon the request from the dog owner). But we have cooperated with the dog owner and paid the bills and so I don't know what else can we do to stop her from issuing death threats to us.

Will update again once we filed the police report.

The itching continued, though my stomach is not as red and itchy now. Thanks Tiffany for the soap information - I will look into that as soon as I finish this post!

I am just a little depressed about the incident with Max. It is amazing how quickly and easily your spirit is broken even though I am carrying the biggest lottery ticket win ever (my poopee).

Poopee continues to do well - she is packing in quite a good punch/kick these days. I love sitting down and watches her thrash abouts in my stomach. A funny story happened the other day when she was kicking me all morning, even whilst I was at my doctor's surgery. But as soon as I was laid out on the doctor's examination table (for him to check the size of my uterus) - she remained very, very still. My cheeky little quiet mouse. Then the moment we left the doctor's surgery she started up again.

My centre of gravity has definitely shifted, making me clumsy, and these days I waddle instead of walk. Nobody believe I am only 6 months pregnant - they thought I am close to term, or I am carrying twins. The third trimester is definitely not going to be as cruisy as the second....

I also went out and bought some maternity bras today. I have never paid that much money for bras in my life (and for something not very sexy at all) - but it was a new experience I enjoyed very, very much.


Meri-ann said...

Oh my g*d that woman is a complete nutter! I'm glad that you're involving the police; let us know how you go and give Max a big smoochy for me! x

Bugsy said...

Well that is just totally rediculous now. What a total tosser! I feel sorry for her dog now - having an owner like that. Give Max a smoochy for me too. I think you are doing everything correctly. You paid the bill even though it wasn't your fault (unfortunately it doesn't look good when your dog is bigger).

You definately need to file a police report, even if it is just to have your info documented if she does take it further (like legal action).

Tell Hubbs to tell her next time he won't sic his dog onto her but his wife and her friends and we won't be so friendly.

Good luck hun - and stop scratching. hehe

spokerdoke said...

I felt for you when I read the dog story. How upsetting.

That lady sounds very unbalanced and as distressing as it is for your husband to receive those sms messages, it paints her in a very bad light (which is good for you).

Sorry to sound so machivellian.
Am enjoying your blog, by the way :-)

Kath said...

HI Drew

I have just visited my knitting blog and there is a little note form you!!! Congratulations on finally getting pregnant! I am so impressed and wish I had paid more attention.


Kath said...

Also I am sorry to hear of your grief with this stupid toy dog owner. We have two dogs ourselves and they are our first two children! I wish I had some advice to offer but this lady sounds like a psycho and its best not to add fuel to the fire.

Good luck


Artblog said...

No problem Drew:) Thanks for the email.

Good luck with the babes :)


Just another Jenny said...

I would be so upset about the dog situation. It pisses me off when smaller dogs attack biggers one's (I have a rotti so I've been there) and then the bigger one's get the bad rap for the incident. I understand your love for Max, I would be nuts if somebody threatened my dog.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that looks about 8months pg at 6months!