Monday, January 08, 2007

Some Amusement

Firstly thanks to those to commented on my dog problem - I appreciate all your comments and from now on I think we will just have to be careful with who Max mixes with. Nothing to follow up as the female dog owner remains uncontactable so there is really no resolution.

There has always been a mild case of nipple hair for me (being a dark haired girl and all). Nothing tragically ugly, just tiny little black hairs around the nipples. The pregnancy somehow had aggravated the growth of nipple hair and suddenly I became the Apewoman - I have seriously large nipple hairs and a small patch of soft hairs on my stomach. There is also this hideous ring of hairs around the belly button.

It got rather embarrassing, I almost didn't want to go naked in front of my beloved of 12 years.

And that is not the only amusing part for me.

Ever since the eve of my first trimester and throughout the entire second trimester, I began to experience nocturnal orgasms during my sleep. Initally I thought I only dreamt about them, but then I began to wake up FEELING these orgasms. OF COURSE it scared me crapless, because there were times when the orgasm subsided I feel a little pelvic crampy. I was wondering if the orgasms were doing any harm to Poopee (and how Poopee will think of me as a mother...having hands-free orgasms and thinking about sex all the time in my sleep and all...). I did a little research but I couldn't find an explanation, although I managed to find one woman who had orgasms (on her own in her sleep) throughout her pregnancy, even during her breastfeeding period. Needless to say, Apeman thinks I am a dirty girl and he was a little jealous.

Then third trimester kicked in.

First thing I noticed was I no longer have my orgasms. I used to have them up to four times a week. (Yes, lucky isn't it?). Which is good. And then a few days ago in the shower I noticed all of my nipple hairs have fallen off. LIKE, ALL OF THEM. Not a single one remained. Not even the little tiny ones. I couldn't have done a better job plucking them myself. I take this as a blessing. Somehow I think porn star nipples looks much better hairless.

I have also finished knitting a couple of cardigans for Poopee, I will post them as soon as I find out where Apeman left my camera. He is a dead man if he looses it again.


Artblog said...

Your post made me smile :) Pregnancy orgasms are pretty normal and NO it won't harm Poopee :)

Thank you for the comment and do keep in touch :) speak to you soon.


Em said...

That's so weird you mentioned that because I found I had orgasms in my sleep and I woke up a few times while they were happening. I thought it was because me and Mr Eggs were'nt doing it very much during the pregnancy - or now for that matter!

moi said...

hair and pregnancy is so weird. I started out too with a few nipple hairs (thankfullly white blond) and regular hair growth everywhere else. Now the nipple hairs are gone, the hair on my legs has completely stopped growing, and the fuzz on my stomach is getting longer. not thicker, but longer. like I can braid it in a few weeks.

isn't the pregnant body a wonderful thing?

Just another Jenny said...

Hmmm, I think I'd take the orgasms over the hair - too bad you can't choose what stays and what goes.

Bugsy said...

Where can I get me some of those nighttime happy times? ;-)

Can't wait to see what you have knitted. I am now going through my patterns and trying to work out what I am going to knit for my little miracle.