Thursday, January 04, 2007


And it just became a little more interesting.

A few days ago (before Apeman approached the police to file a complaint about the death threats he received), the female dog owner apparently contacted the Ranger and lodged a complaint. The nature of the complaint is apparently `Dangerous dog attacking innocent bystanders in common park'.

And of course this got me worried. I think this woman wants her pound of flesh from Max. She wanted him gased and put out of his misery.

Apeman was required to fill in a statement outlining his side of the story. The Ranger just dropped by to speak to us just now (and to take a look at Max). The first thing the Ranger said to us was he too gets annoyed when people talk shit about big dogs. Just because they are big dogs it doesn't mean they are monsters. I told him Max was also bitten during that incident, and he is constantly chased and play-biten by little small Jack Russells in the park. The Ranger agreed but unfortunately for us this woman is after her pound of flesh.

The accessment occured as I expected - Max literally licked the Ranger to death. (Yes, to death). We are talking about a Ranger, who probably has tens of other dog smells on him - including the dogs he dealt with just this morning, and Max just licked him and played with him. This is not the behaviour of a monster dog. If you are a true dog lover, you should know that too. He asked us to keep the death threat SMS messages and report any future ones from this woman if need be.

One interesting thing we discovered was this female dog owner could not be contacted once she made the call to the Ranger. He had been trying to contact her for a few days and she did not return his calls. Apparently all she wanted to do was to point the finger at us and run.

We have a clear conscience, Apeman paid for the vet bills and had to miss work this morning just to make himself available for the Ranger. Whereas she won't even make a statement herself. We have done everything we can and we hope this is the last we hear of this.

And yes - we will continue to take Max to the same park for walks - this time firmly on the leash - even if she said she will kill him if she sees him.


Meri-ann said...

She is just plain strange..... So glad Max is under control with his obviously life threatening licking ;-)

Susie said...

Gosh some people have nothing better to do in their lives than harrass other people. We too have a big dog and sometimes she can get a little rough in the dog park. What I can't understand is that the dog park is there for ALL dogs and I find the smaller dogs tend to be more aggressive and provocative... Poor Max. He does sound like a softie

Bugsy said...

yeah you better watch that licking - that is pretty dangeroius stuff!

We have both a big dog and a little dog and I agree - I have to keep a tighter control of the little dog around other dogs than I do the big one. I love them both unconditionally but I would never trust the little one around other dogs or children.

tops-y said...

Drew, sorry to hear that this is continuing for you. I think the mental attitude of the owner has probably passed on to the dog that attacked your Max. When my dog was attacked (by a large dog I must admit, but the dog jumped out an open window, ran across the owner's front yard, and then jumped their fence to get to my boy), I reported it to the council dog man in our local area. We were okay - I kept my dog safe and scared the other one off and was left very shaken - but I was left feeling that if I didn't report it and something happened involving a child or young person walking their dog on the same stretch, I would never forgive myself. Council man had rec'd previous reports and we ended up giving evidence in court in order to have the dog removed and destroyed as it was indeed a dangerous dog. Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that when the order was given and the Council Man went to collect the dog, he told me that the dog almost broke the door down to attack him. Once he got the dog in the car and away from the psycho owner, it was apparently quiet as a mouse and a nice dog. It appeared to be the owner's nature that was feeding the dog. Needless to say, I got abused walking down the street after this and kept my dog shut away for some time to keep him safe from possible threats.

I hope you, Apeman and Max are doing okay and wish you all the best. You are doing the right thing by making a report to the police. Glad to read that things with poopsey are going so well! Congrats!