Friday, April 20, 2007

The longest sleepwalk

Hands up in the air like I just don't care...
Events so far:

1. I have one cute Poopee whom I absolutely adore, and cannot stop kissing or looking at her. She has these really hairy ears which makes her so much more endearing to me. I whispers love words to her ears all the time.

2. I have one stubborn mother in law who now practically lives with us, she's always here telling me what to do, what not to do, what to eat, what not to eat. She shows up at 8am in the morning, and doesn't leave until late into the night - and during the entire time she scrutinises my every move. She makes me feel like I have been doing everything wrong (just because it is not what she's used to), it makes me want to try even harder. I have tried to be nice and politely tell her I don't need the help or the unwanted advice, (I can manage to change my own baby THANKYOU!), but that just seem to make her do even more for me. I am now at a stand-off with her. Long story, boring to elaborate, I have spent the first two weeks crying about it because I felt like I have been bullied, now I have decided to stand strong and will tell her to back the hell off.

3. We have established some sort of breastfeeding success. Poopee is not doing it entirely right, but as long as my girl is happy to suckle, I am happy.

4. I have gained 8kg and realise nothing in my extensive wardrobe fits. Not even my fat pants. But I do enjoy my new womanly shape to a certain extent.

5. We now call Poopee `C-C' - short for chubby cheeks.


Thalia said...

Politely and with love telling your MIL to get lost, at least a few days a week, is entirely justified at this point. She's YOUR baby! And she's still utterly adorable.

Kath said...

Dear Drew, Poopee is so adorable -- does she sleep in that position often?

As for your MIL, I am so sorry. If you're not getting through, is there no way you can have your husband talk to her? She's got to see that being overbearing is simply the opposite of being helpful. And she should understand that you need some time alone with the baby, too.

Drew said...

Thanks ladies...I have actually told her specifically what I don't want (ie. leave my fridge alone, leave my washing alone, leave baby alone when she's sleeping..etc). She stays away from those things for two days then does it all again. She's like a broken record! She even watches me breastfeed! Initially I told her I wont be breastfeeding that often because Poopee doesn't want to latch on, my MIL appeared really startled and told me to keep trying and trying until we get it right. I was in uncontrollable tears that night because I already put myself under so much pressure to breastfeed, I don't need an extra mouth telling me why I should be breastfeeding my baby. I was stupid to let her get to me like that.

Mony said...

Oh Drew! That's issues you really don't need huh? Good for you, it's hard to be assertive at the best of times, especially with the MIL. Your CC is a dream.

me and m said...

Oh hon,
I feel for you with the MIL problem...can your husband help out at all by setting boundaries with her?
I'm thankful that my MIL lives miles away cuz I'm sure I'd have the exact same problem!

I hope that breastfeeding starts to get easier for both of you as well!
Good luck
she is looking so adorable!!


Bugsy said...

She is just so adorable I could get lost just looking at her picture!

I hope the MIL thing sorts itself out and she loses interest soon. I think I am going to have the same problem - mine has actually set up a nursery in her house - without discussing it with us, and she has had a car seat fitted to her car! I presume she expects that I am going to leave my baby with her?

You MIL needs to understand that this "being a mum" and "being a newborn" is a new thing for both of you, and that you are learning about this together. "IF" you wanted advise you would ask her. I know she thinks she is being helpful but stressing you out is not helping at all. you need your own time and space to relax and work all this new stuff out with your daughter.

moi said...

I can't believe that you have to contend with a MIL who is sticking herself into your business so much ON TOP of having a newborn... sigh. what on earth is she thinking??!!

I'm living in fear of the same thing happening with my boyfriend's mom... I'm tense about it already. I can see the problems and i still haven't given birth.

your poopee really is adorable. was she like that in your scans? our bebe has always had his hands up covering his ears in ours, and I wonder if he'll be that way on the outside! :)

Shawnee said...

Wow, I am sorry Drew. I hope things will get better for you. Look on the bright side atleast you aren't having too many "boob" issues compared to before... Thats a bonus way to go! Has Apeman tried to talk to her about it or would that just cause problems between the two of you?

Em said...

MILs. Aarrrgh! I haven't stopped by for a whime. Congrats! She is beautiful. Well done.

Betty said...

Shucks, CC is beautiful!
I have a little girl too!
Bloody mother in laws!Although I do think my mother is worse than my mother in law!
Glad the breast feeding is going well.
Isn't this baby thing the most surreal experience? I too miss being pregnant and I cannot believe my baby girl fitted into me so neatly!