Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Vaccination Story

Not much to tell really, except I saw a massive needle heading towards the direction of my beloved's baby thigh, nearly all of that needle plunged into her flesh. There were cries of pain and agony. Then the other baby thigh was offered. Yet another needle, which I was told hurts even more than the first needle, was plunged into tender baby flesh again. More cries of agony, tears rolling down cheeks. I quickly sat up and cuddled Poopee close to me.

I looked down at the face of my baby-cake, she was fast asleep already - like it never happened.

The tears were all mine.

Sigh....we do it again in two months time.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that the needles were administered separately! This makes me appreciate my doctor even more as she calls in her nurse and on the count of three, both needles are given together.
Re your contraception comments: are you okay with falling pregnant if it does happen in the next few months? I truly wish you every joy and whatever your heart truly desires. Enjoy Poopee, she is so beautiful!

Shawnee said...

I heard they do the needles seperately here too... I think I am going to cry. Fortunately I don't have to face that yet because the doctors want to wait until MS gets a little more weight on her.

Em said...

Baby Eggs has ger MMR, Hib and Men C yesterday. She had two nurses sticking needles in her arms and she looked at me as she was sitting on Mr Eggs' knee and started crying as she registered what had happened. I felt so bad. No more until 18 months now. Phew!

me and m said...

We had ours a week ago. 4 pokes! Karis cried but got over it pretty quick.
Did poopee get a fever?
I had a meltdown that evening when Karis woke up suddenly howling in pain.
I'm already dreading our next appt in two months.

ps - I think our MIL's should get together - I'm sure they'd get along!

Drew said...

Ladies thanks for sharing your thoughts!
Tops-y - I am not prepared to get pregnant again if I am lucky enough to, I really want to enjoy Poopee alot more before sharing my time with another baby. Plus the mother in law is driving me complete nuts I think another baby will shatter me (she probably will move in with us if I have another baby). So looks like I am going to ask for that contraception script next time I see my GP.

Poopee did get a fever - she was really unsettled two nights in a row, even though it's quite cold here, we had to strip her down to a singlet and nappy just to keep her cool. I am really dreading the shots in two months time - Em - your comment about BabyEggs looking at you whilst she was getting her shots makes my heart wrench. I don't know what to do - to hold her or to be the one who watches her. :(

M - I want to buy some tickets to a cruise holiday for your MIL and mine so they can sail off together. Mine is driving me complete nuts.