Friday, August 17, 2007

Strike Two

My mother in law yesterday decided that it is necessary to visit twice a day just to get enough baby time with Poopee. She has been asking me lots of questions lately about (me) returning to work etc. I never even hinted to her that I want to return to work.

She walked into our bedroom, looked down at our (sound) asleep Poopee. I decided to leave her alone so she can watch Poopee in peace. Within seconds, I saw her coming out of our bedroom with a (now) awoken Poopee in arms. She always does this. She comes over, and wakes my Poopee up just so she can play with her.

It's fine if she is here once a week or something. But twice a day does not give her the right to wake my baby up whenever she wants. She is a supposingly experienced mother herself, she should know better than to wake up a sleepy baby, especially since it has taken me more than an hour to put her to sleep.

I don't know if I should lose it with her. I am fucking angry.


soralis said...

How annoying. Some people just don't get it! You don't wake a sleeping baby (I think they remember and mom pays for it later! :))

Good luck dealing with the in law!

Betty said...

Geez Drew I think you are amazing to have not lost it already with your MIL. How dare she wake your baby. That is a major NO NO. Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Perhaps you should ask her to put her to sleep for you. then she may not be so willing to wake her up!

Bugsy said...

Yeah I think I would crack it at her big time. maybe be subtle and leave a sign near your sleeping child saying "if she is asleep please do not wake her - she needs her sleep!" or just be not so subtle and before she goes in there tell her to please not wake her as it has taken you an hour to get her settled. Grrrrr.