Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Today I had a go at:

1) A workmate:  I fully sprayed her for questioning my career decisions and said you ain't no help to me sista and I thought we should stick togetha.

2) My boss:  How can you give me all the crap work just because I took a couple of days off work last week, which apparently made me inadequate and not sharp enough for any new and challenging work, thus you gave me crap work to do this week.  This is not on.

3) My brother:  How dare you say I shouldn't have drank so much at your wedding last week, and how come you are always on mom's side and thinks she is always right.  How about being on my side for once and understand your mom is not perfect and don't always have a go at me first.

4) My mobile phone service provider - the rotten 3 phone:  You losers managed to give me three mobile phones in a row, all of them don't work, and you are now asking me to purchase a new battery, at my own expense, to see if it was a battery problem, and if it wasn't, I should go to the service centre myself, during business hours, at my own expense and time, to have it fixed up, or alternatively I should pay an extra $14 a month, just to get myself another new phone, which I have already done this once before, so I can solve this `shit phone' problem once and for all, of which I won't be needing to do any of these if you gave me a functional mobile phone in the first place?  Cancel my phone policy you dirt licker.

God I am such a monster today.  And unfortunately I don’t feel bad either.  I am still raging.

Sigh…the ride of the hormone roller coaster is getting worse by the year. 

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