Tuesday, October 31, 2006

17 weeks 4 days

Two things:

1. My brother and new sister in law (who only got married four months ago at the age of 26) announced that they are pregnant - baby due only two months after ours. I was a little shocked but over the moon for them.

2. I found out by accident that my father is cheating on my mom with a tart young enough to be my daughter (and with a breathy little voice like Marilyn Monroe).... I can't verbalise this right now because it gets me angry and instill murder thoughts in my brain. I shall rationalise this in another post when I am ready. I really hate him right now. Fuck the both of them. Oh....have to stop here.

My first time parents friends rushed out to buy (and assembled on the same night) a baby bed - top of the range from Toys R Us - two days shy of her 10 week milestone. I can understand their excitement and admired their bravery.

The things I have collected so far:

1. Four infant one piece coveralls (furry type, thick for winter), in the colours of pink, lavendar, baby blue and navy blue. I was at the shops with my mother in law, and we came across these great bargains, they were heavily reduced to $2 each. My MIL insisted I buy them straight away because they were good quality rompers and at an incredibly ridiculous price. I was quite reluctant at first (I was 13 weeks then), but she was quite persistant. And so I did.

2. My goodie bag. I have this bag since I was 27. In it there is a cute baby girl dress, probably a tad too small but was meant for a newborn. There is also a yellow one piece overall, suitable for summer, it's cute with little bears on the chest. Then there is my favourite `bear ears' baby bonnet. I used to hold the bear ears against my face whenever I feel down (eg. after a bad IVF cycle). I want to feel something soft and beautiful and want to remind myself this journey is worth pursuing till the end.

3. My sister bought me a `superbaby' bib and two pairs of booties (suitably one pair of pink and one pair of blue). She bought them from Steve Irvin's Australia Zoo. I loved the gifts and the thought of having a piece of Steve's Zoo.

And that is all.


soralis said...

So sorry about your dad.

Take care and wishing you all the best with your PG.

ninaB said...

Your bubba will have a cousin to play with! I have a little bag of goodies too that I bought 6 years ago. I'm so glad you'll be able to (finally) make good use of yours.

Why does good news always have to be tempered with bad? That sucks about your dad. I hope your mom is doing alright.

Just another Jenny said...

That's not a bad list. I'm a few days behind you and so far I've only got a onsie and a jean jacket - both on ridiculous sale. It's hard to let go and get into the shopping mode.

Em said...

Sorry about your dad...that's tough.

All I can say is Bonds Cozy Cuff suits! They are fabulous and all your baby will need to be in for the first six or so weeks. So convinient.