Sunday, October 15, 2006


Words cannot even describe how I feel about this. I spent yesterday in tears - crying for Manuela, Mr P and their Shoelet.

I don't even know what to say.

I coincidentally was met by a bunch of teenage girls at the emergency hospital (I don't even want to elaborate why I was there, but I am okay). These girls were no taller or bigger than my 9 year old niece, three of them lugging a crawling baby with them. The `mother' was a emaciated white faced girl, probably 14? Maybe 15? She was apparently 8 weeks pregnant, and only a few months ago had a bad miscarriage, and now she is bleeding again. Her two friends were there to lend support and to look after her wandering baby in dirty clothes.

After waiting in the rooms for half an hour, she casually walked up to the Triage nurse and asked if there is enough time to `go out for a fag'. The nurse grimly nodded, and the girl fumbled in her bag for her cigarettes. She later returned with her friends and baby with packet chips, sausage roll for herself and bottles of coke for all. The baby wanted food. So she fed the baby big sips of coke, and pieces of chips. The baby cried for more, she told him to shut up you little shit. And turned to her friend and said this is so fucking annoying.

I cringed and closed my eyes.


soralis said...

That is so sad for Manuela.

Ugg... to emerg!

Take care

Em said...

My heart missed a beat when I read this about Manuela. I've been slack with my blog reading lately. And that situation with the child mums, it is just so heartbreaking because the baby is stuffed from the start. I just don't get it. Don't they know about contraception?

Betty said...

Oh god thats awful. Poor Manuela. Poor babies of young, irresponsible girls. Life can be so bloody unfair.

Mony said...

Drew how awful to see such a situation, infertile or no.
And with you going through so much to get your miracle. I'm sure this "Little Shit" you saw will be the first of many babes for this young girl.
Cruel world.
Manuela's turn of events has knocked me to the ground. Sad, sad, sad.

Bugsy said...

It seems wrong doesn't it. I am so sad for Manuela, nobody should have to go through that, and then you have the other side of the coin, those emergency ward chicks - babies having babies.

Now if I was mother nature......

Hope you are okay.