Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The cat out of the recycled bag

Finally my Apeman was able to tell his parents about our pregnancy. My poor Ape had been been withhelding the information for so long - and when he finally was able to tell his parents he couldn't be any prouder or happier. According to his parents, we are having a little piglet in accordance with the Chinese Zodiac calendar.

It took less than 8 hours for the news to travel. And the reaction we received was interesting.

We were greeted with a few - `Oh, FINALLY we are able to congratulate you guys! It's been a LONG while!'

Ah...yeah. Like 6 years. But we never told anybody we were actively trying. We kept our IVF journey to ourselves (apart from some understanding friends and workmates). And if anybody was nosey enough to keep asking, we simply reply with a curt `We're not ready to have children'. Didn't realise people were putting a timer on us.

But the rest of the reactions were nice. My grandma was really happy for me. I said I feel so bad that it happened only after my grandpa passed away, because I still miss him daily. Grandma said she will let Grandpa know, he will be so happy.

Physically-wise, I am looking a little rounder in the stomach at 12.5 weeks, a bit like the stomach I get after a big meal. But it is definitely noticably rounder just under the belly-button. I am also a littler clingier to Apeman....always wondering what he is doing and getting shitty about it. Apeman thought that was pretty amusing. He said I am a nag now.

About a year ago I was on vacation overseas and a girl at the make-up counter (from which I was buying something from), asked how far long was I. I then realised I was resting my contented stomach (from a big meal) on the counter whilst fumbling for my purse. I felt I had no choice but to admit (happily) that I was indeed pregnant. She said ahhhh congratulations I bet you are 3 months worth. It was so embarrassing and I went back to the hotel and did some stomach crunches immediately.

Today, after a big meal at a local cafe (cravings for eggs and bacon), the cafe owner came by and said - I bet you are having a girl. I was shocked to see he can actually see my belly - hidden under a loose top. I smiled and he told me he had three sons, so he can tell.

It was my first `pregnancy tag'. It was very nice for a change.


me and m said...

You're lucky that strangers are noticing already! I'm jealous - not counting the cosmetics counter girl ;-).
And it's kindof a good feeling to "finally" break the news to family, I can't believe you held out that long. We cracked at about 8 weeks.

Nice that we're nearly the same in weeks. I plan on keeping tabs on you!

Whens your due date? I'm Mar 23. Am I having a "piglet" too?

Em said...

That's fab Drew! Enjoy every bit of attention.

soralis said...

Sounds like things are going very well... enjoy!

Bugsy said...

Excellent news. I hope you can start to enjoy this pregnancy and not worry as much. Congratulations!

ninaB said...

I find it hard to read about others successes and pregnancy updates sometimes...but not yours. I'm so truly happy for you and the Apeman. You (finally!) have a baby in your belly, even if it is a piglet! I'm looking forward to all the updates.

Thalia said...

12.5 weeks is AMAZING! I'm so happy that things are progressign so well.

Betty said...

Drew it's great to read your blogs, especially since we are close in our pregnancies. I get freaked out when I don't have any symptoms and start wondering if I am still pregnant of just getting really really fat!!
It's so great for you. Yours really is an amazing story.I've been reading you blogs for ages and you just sound like a different person at the moment!
I didn't like reading about cousin J. I think he should be deported from this plannet too...with a giant sling shot.
Thanks so much for your encouraging comment on my blog. I really valued what you wrote. :)

UtRus said...

YAY :) you deserve every single bit of fun and happiness that comes your way. i am so thrilled for you and love reading you.