Friday, September 22, 2006

I am officially a stalker

What do I do, when two days in a row I had stomach cramps, the boobs have gone done in size, and I don't `feel' pregnant anymore? I am no longer bloated either. No nausea in two weeks, only a slight sickly feeling at night time after dinner.

I go straight to the hospital again and scratched on their doors. I am officially their stalker of the year.

I went in there with a thick face - shyly (not slyly) checking myself in with the Triage nurse, then I sat down quietly in my corner to wait for a midwife to see me, whilst sneaking little looks at the nurse who was registering my details using the computer, just to make sure they hadn't posted my photo up on the `Dangerous - Do Not Admit' notice board.

I feel so embarrassed. But I guess it's okay to post this story here because you don't know how I look like.

Just happy to say, the cramps were due to my pelvic adhesions - a leftover gift from my previous operations, and possibly due to nerves. Not sure about the boobs and nausea - probably because the hormones have calmed already, I think. The uterus is already large enough to be scanned on the abdomen (instead of the pelvis). My little 12 week old wriggled, jerked, bounced and generally moved so much that the doctor had problems giving he/she the head to rump measurements - it is roughly 6cm. A little low on the amnionic fluids because I had been so nervously dehydrated - that's probably why my little one is jumping up and down!

I will try not to make another visit to the hospital - for as long as I can, unless I absolutely have to, spoken like a true stalker.


Sandy said...

Hey Drew....I say you go to the hospital whenever you feel the need to go. Frig them if they think you're overreacting ... we have a right to over react! And now for unsolicited assvice - drink, drink, drink. Water of course (darn it) but get those fluids up! Glad to hear you got to see your wiggler. I'm sure hoping to do the same soon.

Drew said...

Thanks for the encouragement Sandy! :) When I see some of the women down there (with me) I swear they are on the same boat as me... :):):)

ninaB said...

Glad everything is alright!
I agree with Sandy. Do whatever you need to do to reassure yourself.
Maybe you'll need to buy that ultrasound machine afterall...(kidding!)

UtRus said...

after all you've been through, you can't be blamed for being anxious. i know the feeling (well, not with pregnancy yet, but still)... my therapist is helping me a lot with this - have you ever tried?

Thalia said...

I think you are perfectly within your rights to get a scan. Go again if you start freaking out, it's better than being miserable.

Susie said...

Hi Drew, I wish I had gone to the hospital when I had started bleeding - who knows it may have prevented my miscarriage. I would keep going if thats what you need to do to keep you and your little one on the right track.

Mony said...

But what a lovely Stalker you are!
Honey, I say stalk away. For your own piece of mind!
Glad all is well. And 12 weeks? Get outta here! It's FLYING!

soralis said...

Do what ever you need to make yourself feel comfortable!

Take care and good luck!