Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Moment In Ape

During a commercial break....

Apeman: 'Babe, why don't we go buy an ultrasound machine?'
Drew (choking): `Oh that's just so Tom and Katie.'
Ape: `Who's Tom and Katie?'
D: `Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. They had a baby girl you know.'
Ape: `Who's Katie Holmes?'
D: `Tom's fiance, "Joey" from Dawson's Creek.'
Ape: `Never heard of her.'
D: `She flashed her tits in that `Gift' movie about a clairvoyant.'
Ape: `Aw yeah, I know her. Why don't you say so in the first place. Still, an ultrasound machine would be good, you can see the baby everyday.'
D: `You can't just ultrasound yourself everyday, it can be dangerous, plus what the hell are you going to do with the machine once you are done with it?'
Ape: `I will give it to my brother.'

Thanks to everybody who dropped by with their congratulations. I am slowly getting used to the idea of being `pregnant' now. Yesterday I celebrated my 11 week milestone lying in bed because the uterus must be leaning on a nerve close to where my left ovary used to be. I have been getting these mind numbing pains all the way up my spine through to the tops of my left thigh. I asked Apeman is it too obsessive complusive to go straight to the emergency hospital for some answers. He calmly explained to me that it is probably the stomach ligaments stretching to accomodate the growing baby. So I should relax and focus on something else. He is amazing but I have to wonder where he got that bit of information from.


soralis said...

Wohooo 11 weeks!

Hope you feel better soon, if it doesn't subside you should really go get checked out just to be on the safe side.

Take care

Em said...

Apeman is probably right. There's all sorts of tugs and stretchy feelings as your ute grows. (There's something about referring to the uterus as a 'ute' that is so crass, isn't it? That's why I love it!) Enjoy Drew, my friend. It's been a hard slog for you and you both deserve to revel in this pregnancy.

The Town Criers said...

Apeman is most likely correct. The only other thing it sounds like is sciatica (spelled right?). Pressure on the sciatic nerve.


Meg said...

Drew - Congratulations on being 11 weeks. Hope those pains go away. Sounds highly, highly unpleasant.

Fertile Soul said...

Congratulations Drew! I just caught up with your blog. What an amazing story!

Amazing. And i was reading it the other day (before my ivf was cancelled, which was over a month ago) thinking, it's so difficult to be told that your chances of ferility are grim. So, what an awesome miracle!

MC said...

OMG! Congratulations.

Sandy said...

Hi Drew:
First time visitor to your blog....long time infertile/miscarrier who is always just newly (9 weeks) cautiously pregnant who is also obsessed with wiping and looking. All the very best to you all.