Saturday, September 23, 2006


This is not a post about hygiene... but about something that is lower than the lowest form of scum.

Maybe a year ago or so, I mentioned in one of my post about one of Apeman's cousin-in-law - a man in his late thirties, who shouldn't be referred to as a man because he isn't. The biggest chauvinistic egotistic person I had ever known.

This person, I will call him Cousin J - was supposed to be happily married to Apeman's cousin for 14 years. They were childhood sweethearts, and because both were happy enough to not carry on with further education, they had decided to marry young and started a business in a small country town.

The business flourished, but there were rumours of fertility problems because the family chatters about it all the time. (You see my problem?). Six years later they decided to close down the business and move back to the city. A year later their first daughter was born under relatively stress free conditions (well, he didn't work).

Cousin J started to whinge to the Alpha Males of the family, about the importance of having a male `heir' (oh puuuuulease!), and how girls will eventually marry off and is worth nothing to her own family except to be fertility slaves to their husbands. This man clearly is from another century and probably should stay there.

Rumours of fertility problems kicked up again, this time it was secondary infertility for them. Everybody knew he was keen to have another child. Three and a half years later, the wife was finally pregnant again.

A scan was conducted at five months - the couple found out about the sex of the baby but kept to themselves. Things started to travel downhill from here. As the delivery date approaches, family and friends congratulated the couple for a job well done, it so happens one day my sister in law bumped into Cousin J at the shops, he was hanging out with mates whilst his heavily pregnant wife was at home tending to their daughter. My sister in law later recounted this conversation to me.

`Hey J, congratulations!'
`So you excited about the baby? It's due anyday now!'
`So that's it hey? Your wife must be stoked'
`Yeah well, you know, I want more children, I love kids so much I would love to have another one real soon.'
`....But you are having one real soon already? Isn't your wife due next week?'

He did not mention about the impending birth, nor did he show any excitement once the baby was born - another girl. The poor girl didn't have a name for a month because he was so disinterested in naming her.

Even before the forceps were packed away, and before the stitches were healed, Cousin J annouced the couple's third pregnancy a few months later. And probably with a sigh of relief from all - mostly from his wife, the third child was a boy. I saw the wife soon after the birth of their third child, she looked like mess trying to tend to three children on her own most times, and looked far older than her 36 years.

Interestingly, even with the birth of his famliy `heir', Cousin J showed very little emotion, and we saw even less of him. And even less of his children, we still aren't sure if the second child has a name.

It came to his wife's attention several months ago that, apparently Cousin J had fathered two children during his overseas visits (all conducted during his wife's pregnancies), and was (and still is) sleeping with a third girl who works with him. After months of trying to get her husband to go on a much needed holiday with her, his wife decided she had enough and went alone, only to discover that the same day she flew out of town he left his three kids with a friend and booked a romantic stay at a local holiday resort with his lover. The rest of the can of worms reviewed themselves soon after.

Divorce proceedings had been filed. Cousin J swears he will use his new found hobby (black magic) to hurt anybody who dares interferes with his marital and personal business.

Writing this post gives me a bad taste in my mouth. He is trully foul. He needs to be deported from this planet.


soralis said...

Those poor kids... they are always the ones that suffer the most.

How sad

Sunnie said...

Oh eww....sounds like a slime ball cousin that I have...

eipwek said...

Yikes - sounds like an awful creep! It's horrible that he's the ladies, spreading his seed around like that. So sad for the children.