Saturday, September 09, 2006

10 week scan

We went to our 10 week scan yesterday. I woke up feeling edgy. I ate my lunch feeling edgy. I got dressed at 1pm when the appointment was for 4pm. Because I was feeling anxious, and edgy. So I try to relax and read some of the information leaflets Apeman brought home from the maternity hospital a few weeks ago (I checked myself in at 7 weeks due to minor bleeding).

Apeman got me the following pregnancy related information pamplets:
1. Eating for two
2. Thrush
3. Pre-menstrual Syndrome (??) Apparently Apeman thought PMS is a type of pregnancy symptom.

I am one of those really annoying people who turn up half an hour early for their appointments - even for waxing. So as usual I was half an hour early.

Fortunately my doctor was happy to see me (because he had a gap in appointments yesterday) so he ushered me into his office as soon as I walked into his practice. Initially he said why don't we try to do a pelvic scan, maybe we can see something there instead of having to go vaginally. I said okay. He rolled the scan across my pelvic region over and over again - nothing. Just masses of muscle can be seen on the screen - no gestational sac. No baby.

I panicked.

The doctor explained to me that it is because I have a big pelvic scar that was in the way (from my ovary exitus surgery) - so he didn't want to press any harder to get the picture. Let's go vaginal probe. He said remove your pants and we will try again.

Like my life depended on it, I pulled off my pants and panties in a hurry as soon as the doctor walked away.

My sweet Apeman came to help me.

`Don't worry babe, slow down, it's okay'.

Doctor came back - the vaginal probe feels alot larger than my scan at 8 weeks, or maybe because I am so swollen inside it seems to take ages for him gently ease the probe to the right spot.

Suddenly on the screen we see a blob. A small blob. Smaller than the image we saw during our 8 week scan. I was told to use my hands to support my buttocks so they can be lifted up slightly. It seemed to help a little.

`Ah...there's the little one, and there's the heartbeat'.

Apeman giggled a little upon seeing his unborn's heartbeat.

`How come it seemed so small?' I asked.

`It's because the baby is sitting at angle to us this time, so you are looking down at the baby's head or rump'.

Suddenly - on the screen I see something jerked. I saw a tiny little `branch' jerked outwards suddenly and then retreated.

`That's either the arm or leg, most probably the arm because they are longer than the legs at the moment.' Explained doc.

I started to tear up and smiled for the first time that day.

Doc tapped on the screen and said to my sweet little bub - `Come on, do it again for mom and dad.'

As if the baby heard him, one of the limbs jerked out again - this time a little wave, then retreated.

I thought I died and went to heaven. Last night I told Apeman the day we had today was one the happiest days of my life - so far.


Betty said...

OMG Drew this is bloody insane. I havn't been reading much of blogs lately, too busy reading baby books and trying to survive work. This is AMAZING. You must be feeling increadible amazed. After all that piffing around on IVF it just happened. Wow I am so happy for you and Apeman. Yipee!!!
You are an urban legend indeed!!!

P.s I am scared too.

Kath said...

Dear Drew, this is wonderful news! I'm so glad.

Em said...

I am so, so happy for you. My heart leapt when I read this post and I was like 'wtf!'. So amazing and you are deserving Drew. So deserving. Your baby is a little miracle.

Thalia said...

Amazing drew. I missed the previous post and so had absolutely no idea that you were pregnant so imagine my surprise when I read the first line, especially if you remember that the last post I read from you was the one about your review meeting!

I'm so terribly pleased for you, I'm delighted you get to be the urban legend for a change. Thank you for sharing it with us (finally!)