Monday, June 04, 2007

Baby Catherine

Stories about abandoned babies certainly tugs my heart strings. This one more than ever.

I read an article from WHO magazine on Baby Catherine recently, there were two pictures of the beautiful little baby. Her baby features are so similar to my own Poopee (despite being from a completely different race), but still, looking at her baby lips and eyes, baby cheeks...made me cried.

She will never know the comforts of suckling from her mother, to be loved and held because she was wanted and needed. She will know eventually when she grows up that she was left in a cardboard box on Mother's day. Just the thought of that makes me teary.

I pray hard for Catherine to be fostered by the best of families, to have somebody to love her so much that love words will be whispered into her ears just like I do to my own.


tops-y said...

Hi Drew

You can tell from what you write that you are such a beautiful person.

Hopefully, Catherine will grow up in a loving, caring family that describe her arrival at the hospital as something her mum did to give her the best possible start in life. Her mum obviously felt that she couldn't care for her in the way Catherine deserved, so maybe her birth mama should be commended for the step she took to give Catherine a better life.
It is a shame that Catherine will never know her.


Stilla Momma said...

Man...this one tugs at the heartstrings. I too pray that Catherine has a chance.

Mony said...

That little doll will at least know that lots of people prayed for her future happiness. I hope she grows up with love & strength.

moi said...

wow. makes me hug little one even closer.