Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Look Ma - no hands!

In my own little retarded world of breastfeeding, whenever Poopees calls for a breastfeed in public, I feel like I need to proof to the world that I can do it PROPERLY like everyone else.

I have joined a mothers' group in a local community centre, spending a few hours a week with some other groovy mums. Sometimes I have to breastfeed Poopee just to calm her down. I see other mums in the group doing it oh so graciously. It was baby on one arm, top up, latch on, and moments of peace soon after. Just like the movies.

For me and Poopee it was lots of awkard cradling and wrestling (since we don't have a cushion with us), me flashing my full boob at everybody, me holding Poopee in an ultra contorted awkard position, Poopee trying to latch on, me accidentally pulling her off my nipple because I was loosing grip, me grimacing with pain, Poopee with the loudest suck in the room - it was SLURP SLURP SLURP.... followed by a loud burp and fart.

It was all in good fun. Me and my girl rocks the mothers group.


Ova Girl said...

Sounds like dinner AND a show Drew!

Sheryl said...

I know exactly how you felt. My boy and I just couldn't get the public breastfeeding thing down pat... and when he did... he SLURPED so loud just like Poopee!!

moi said...

I'm completely ungraceful with public feeding as well. I sweat, curse, and usually end up flashing everyone as well. le bebe gets more and more frustrated until he latches on... and only then does peace rein!

Just another Jenny said...

I'm not to gracefull either. My girl likes to pull off the latch alot giving everybody a boob show. I saw a woman walking while breast feeding, how the hell does somebody manage that?