Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My Sweetness

Poopee was conceived around this time last year.


Sitting up with some support from Apeman.

My little eskimo.

I simply cannot stop kissing her and holding her. So much. So much that I need to have physiotheraphy for my wounded wrist (for constantly holding this 7kg love-heart of mine).


Mony said...

No Way.
No Way.
Drew. It's not possible to be so delicious. She's not real. NOT REAL I SAY!!!
Oh! Baby! How precious is thee?

LL said...

so cute....
Lil' Mooey has the sme playmat.

Betty said...

What a gorgeous little girlie! Am also up to a year from conception. Amazing what can happen in a year. Are you finding that this mothering business is speeding past way too fast? Getting pregnant took WAY too long and now all these precious moments are coming thick and FAST!
She looks toasty warm.

The Complaning Housewife said...

Wow, she has grown so much since I last checked your blog. Lately I find myself rather watching her and playing with her then blogging! I have pictures of MS up, she has grown so much too! Can you believe our babies will be 4 mo. on the 22nd??? It crazy to even think that much time has already passed!

Shawnee said...

Opps sorry Drew, the complaining housewife is me!


Bugsy said...

hey cutie! Wow you sure are changing right before our eyes. I really can't blame your mum wanting to hug and kiss you all the time. I would too.

Truly too precious for words.