Saturday, August 09, 2008


Realised this morning my persistent chin/jaw acne has suddenly disappeared. I looked into the mirror and saw a clear faced Drew - but also a very tired, haggard looking Drew.

I thought - oh my God. I am pregnant.

We went out to the markets to buy fresh fruits and veges, then dropped by a pharmacy to pick up a 2-test pregnancy test kit. Went home - peed on some sticks.

Two lines.

My first words - WHAT THE FUCK!?!!! (Quite unlike our tears of joy with Poopee).

Fifteen minutes later - peed on another stick.

Two lines. Again. Very quickly.

I am pregnant.

I think about five to five and a half weeks? Maybe six?

I am in shock at the moment. Me and Apeman were wondering how can this second miracle happen when we only had sex once this month. I still remember it - during Jamie Oliver's show about bad eating - the one where a few bodies were dissected in front of the audience.

No idea what to do next at the moment as I am battling a bad virus (coughing, blocked nose, headache, fatigue) and looking after a sick Poopee.

Will see what happens next. I just,

just cannot believe this.

All those years of fertility treatment. I - we - feel very, very blessed.


soralis said...

That is so exciting!!! Good luck!

Mony said...

Aren't you the most clever girl! That is amazing & wonderful..honestly! hear about the miracle, surprise pregnancies...but it surely doesn't happen to us?
I'm so thrilled for you!

Thalia said...

wow! congratulations! Hoping to be writing the same thing again in about 8 months...

Endobaby said...


I am so freaking shocked! and happy for you =)

keep us posted...oh, and we need a pic of the pee sitck =)

Em said...

That is incredible. Congratulations! An on one ovary you clever girl!!

I Believe in Miracles said...

That is awesome news. Congratulations!!

OvaGirl said...


I'm stunned and thrilled and shocked and obviously jealous as all get out. Congratulations, that is fantastic and I LOVE that it was a one off during Jamie O's bad eating show!