Friday, March 13, 2009

A real baby

All ok!

We are having a baby. I hope!

Passed first trimester screening. There are good probabilities for a healthy baby. Ultrasound reveals an energetic baby in the correct measurements. Nuchal measurement was 1.55mm.

Small tear just underneath the placenta. Hopefully the blood clot will heal as I enter second trimester next week. I am still spotting considerably every few days. Yesterday I woke up to horrendus bleeding but I have to remind myself - be calm, be calm.

If I can jump up and down for joy, I would at this moment. But as per the doctor's orders, I will take it easy and jump up and down in my mind. Sweet sweet thoughts.


Jessica said...

Congratulations! I am sure that that little angel will bring joy to you. I'm sure you'll enjoy putting hair clips(girl) or hats(boy) on her/his head. When you see your baby, tears of joy will definitely flow from your eyes.

me and m said...

oooh Drew!!! I am so happy for you that all is well! (well, mostly all is well...these past few months must have been so worriesome)
A HUGE congrats to you! Rest lots and take care of yourself!

Mony said...

Oh Lordy!
I assumed the worst darling, when you were missing for a while. I always come & check in on you.....and what lovely news today!

Anonymous said...
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