Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Story So Far

Entered total life changing experience - new motto in life - baby or no baby am not going to loose marbles over it.

Resumed social drinking again after a 5 year break. Regained appreciation for good (and bad) red wine, and dashes of bourbon with coke. Only on fridays. And only when invited to work socials. Never alone - that's alcoholic.

Resumed buying tight fitting jeans/pants. If a baby comes along, great - we can work on a new wardrobe. But in the mean time this lady here needs to be decked out.

Gained fresh approach on the job-front. Started to take my career seriously again - haven't been since I got married because I always thought I will be a mom straight away. I did a little bit of PR for myself at work and volunteered for travelling trips to earn brownie points.

Don't know if I ovulated the last two months but then again I wasn't too bothered. Basically it doesn't keep me awake at night like it used to.

Last week went to see fertility doctor for check-up. He said are you worried about your ovulation problems? I said yeah I am to a certain extent. So he said well how about we try something simple for once - like one little Clomid pill from Days 2 to Day 6 and see what we get? I said sure why not but am not going to get too excited about it because 2.5 weeks of Puregeon injections did fuck-all so what can one Clomid pill do for me?

I think I might ovulate this month. I don't know how the universe works but I seem to be responding to this light dose of Clomid. Scan shows one dominant follicle on its way a coupla of days ago. Fabulous.

And after all these - I still secretly asked Santa for a baby this year. If he comes up with the goods this year that will be very nice indeed. If he doesn't I am just going to have ask nicely again next year.

I think.


Ova Girl said...

Drew it's good to hear from you again. New clothes are always great for the soul...

Hope those Clomid pills turn out to be Santa's Little Helpers.


betty said...

Wow you sound great! I hope that bloody Santa comes up with the goods though. Enjoy your little bit of social drinking and your new wardrobe!

Thalia said...

I buy what you say. I'm so sick of all the good behaviour, and it hasn't been nearly as long for me. You go. And let's hope that between clomid and santa, they do the right thing.

Kath said...

Yeah. Unfortunatly Santa is a little deaf when it comes to satisfying the request of adults. He is a bastard really.

Good luck with the clomid.

Panda said...

Bugger asking him nicely. Tell him if he wants the antedote to the poison you left in his glass of milk, he has to leave a baby under the tree.

Em said...

Glad you're back...I missed you. I don't wnat to be giving the assvice that we all hate but it is great that you are focusing on other stuff. The month I got pregnnat I was less worried about stuff and just focusing on the next step (metformin) and getting my body healthy. Clomid did get me ovulating and as Panda and I spoke about, it does seem to have some effect (on us anyway) of kickstarting something.

Anonymous said...

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