Saturday, January 07, 2006

New Year!!! Yeah!!

All that high-horse `I'm happy regardless of baby or no baby' bullshit behaviour of mine certainly paid off last year - I finally entered a BRAND new year HAPPY. Not sulky, blameful, whiny, depressed like the previous years.

I had a delirious month - I spent 4 weeks travelling with the Apeman - we did a few towns amongst a few continents and went skiing and sightseeing and actually tried to have a good time. And we most certainly did. And oh my god we actually had sex whenever we feel like it (not timed like before. Fuck that).

One night in Beijing, on Day 34 of my Clomid cycle, I was sitting in a heated hotel room pondering if I should put on my bathers and go for a dip in the heated natural springs. Every fertility book I have read said `Thou shall not go for dips in pool post embryo transfer to prevent risks of infection'. I said fuck it anyway and went for my life. Sitted in a hot spring amongst an atmosphere of -8 degC is way cool. Have to try that one again.

And thankfully, sigh, period rocked up with a vengance 2 days later. Ladies and gentlemen - its another dud cycle. But oh yeah I ovulated alright.

So anyway - onward and upwards - I have started a new regime of Chinese medicine - we spent almost AUD$3000 on boxes of these formulated chinese herbs purchased from Beijing - apparently the formulations were created according to the doctors who served the imperial family. We also had our pulse read by the professors of the Chinese medicine insitute and not surprisingly I was told by the master that I have irregular periods and have, urm, chunky periods. Apeman's swimmers are apparently a little on the slow side due to the `heating up' of the liver. Apparently.

And congrats to Ovagirl on your pregnancy - I have been thinking of you and hope to rub a bit of that babydust from you to use in 2006. Everytime I read about the news of a pregnancy from a trooper like yourself gives me hope. You go girlfriend!!!

And to share another bit of good news, I recently read about a couple who tried to conceive for more than 8 years gave birth to a baby girl on Christmas Day. The thought of it brings tears to my eyes.


Ova Girl said...

Thanks darlin' - I can't quite believe it myself. The Chinese herbs sound great, I hope they do the trick, you know I have a lot of faith in them thanks to my experience with the Chinese Fertility Goddess.
I'm really happy that you sound so good - rested, enthusiastic, energetic... bring it on, 2006!

Thalia said...

Sounds like a great trip although I'm sorry you didn't come back pregnant. HOping that your own version of the chinese fertility goddess does the trick.

Lenny said...

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betty said...

You sound gorgeous, strong, positive and happy. Wow!! I'm sorry about the last one. you are determined so forge ahead my friend!!

MC said...

You sound fantastic. I'm sorry you didn't get pregnant while you were away, fertiles seem to think that's the answer, take a holiday. You have inspired me to start taking my herbs again.

Kath said...

I echo MC's comment. New year new start. Welcome back!