Monday, February 20, 2006

In Peace

I am finally at peace with Deirdre - my forgotten ovary.  Last Friday she gave me a much needed dominant follicle and we had a lift-off at LH=42.  Deirdre started off as my nasty bitch from endometriosis hell, and then reduced to nothing, only to grow back six months later to give me minor pain and suffering.  She's now back on my follicle production line and I suspect she will stay there for as long as I need her because it is nature intended. 

If everything goes according to plan (yeah right, what plan?), we are looking at a transfer on thursday.

Eternal optimism and inner-calm dissipates.  Panic sets in.

Welcome to cycle numero 11.


Thalia said...

Don't panic. Not yet. Those three embryos are there, let's hope they're responding to Deirdre's tremendous effort and are doing their best to settle in.

Thalia said...

Sorry, of course they're not there yet. But let's hope they do when they are.

Drew said...

Thanks Thalia for thinking of me!

And thanks Ninab for reading my posts - sorry if they are depressing, as you can see my moods are dominanted by Puregon dosages.

Mony said...

It's nearly Thursday......Oh Drew you are the bravest.
I'll be back to check on you sweetie.