Thursday, February 16, 2006

Snail Trail

Its slowly happening.

Today is Day 345 into my FET cycle (or in realistic days, Day fucking 16).

Kath - if you are reading this I want you to know that they pumped me up with drugs again since my non-response after the first blood test on Day 7 - and I did what was told and didn't think much of it. You are right dude, nothing to loose here!

So the Puregon kicked in and started to get some follicles happening. The last scan two days ago showed five on the good ovary, but only two of them looks promising (12um), and two pissy little hairlike things on the little ovary. Oh and a large pocket of adhesions/fluids thrown in on the `where the bad ovary used to be' side for good measures. All these follicles you would think I am doing a fresh cycle. But no. Estrogen nicely climbing at 606.

So today I went in for another scan and needle torture, and something different came up today. The two `promising' follicles on the good ovary seems to have stalled and stopped growing, only 13um today. But the bad ovary seems to want to party too and ended up giving me what seems to be my dominant follicle. We have a 15um happening there. It's a fucking miracle, just goes to show the forces of nature. Estrogen at 786 today. LH moved to 12 and hopefully going up.

Me: `Is it going to happen? Like, am I really going to theatre?'
Coordinator: `Yes I think so, we just need to wait for the LH to keep climbing.'
Me: `I just don't want another let down. Something always happens, even if it is physically not possible I still manage to do it.'
Coordinator: `Drew you ARE going to theatre.'
Me: `Okay.'

I slept in this morning. Just before I woke up I dreamt I was playing with my neighbour's adopted Chinese girl. I was tickling her and felt really happy.

Then reality sank in - I slept through the alarm (how the fuck did I manage that?) and was late for the clinic.

If all goes well I am going to theatre to bring home my last embryos. From a team of eleven, now there's three.

I hope, hope hope hope hope, that one of you will become the apple in my (and Apeman's) eyes.


ninaB said...

I really really hope so too. I've been getting caught up on your previous posts (read them last night before falling asleep, then spent the whole night worrying/dreaming about you and the Apeman; very strange) and, my god, you have been through A LOT- too much in fact. I'm not one for prayers but I'm keeping everything crossed for you.

Em said...

I'm keenly awaiting excellent news on those embies! The dream sounded beautiful. I have weird ones - last night was about human-killing gorillas - but I also have some beauties.