Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Passports

I can only write this quickly as Poopee is currently strapped unwillingly to her $14.95 stroller. From the gibberish baby noises she is making, it sounds a bit like `THIS IS SO NOT COOL MUM.'

We received our passports via special delivery today. I had to renew mine, and Poopee needs a spanking new one. Just want to say the way they want you to be photographed is plain crap. No smiles, no smirks, no sideway flattery shots (as per Mariah Carey who always gets photographed from her right hand side because its prettier). Me and Poopee ended up looking like constipated prison escapees with no soul.

Poopee still managed to look like a doll though. :)

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Sheryl said...

Getting passports are a pain in the butt to begin with... then add the trials of getting one for a baby! I don't know what they are like there, but they're pretty strict in Canada. Babies have to go by the same rules as adults. Good luck trying to get a 8 month old to keep his mouth closed, eyes wide open, and not move for a picture! Many pictures later we finally got it. And I agree on the "plain crap" of the pictures. They could at least let us smile!!