Thursday, November 15, 2007

And then she's nearly eight months

She is all sweetness and light. As corny as it may sound - she is the very reason I wake up every morning feeling in love and be loved.

Even though my love-bug is a frequent waker during the night. Sometimes as much as five or six times per night.

But oh, I am so, so in love.

Aunty Drew: `You know, I am totally in love with Megan.'

Niece (8 years old): `Aunty Drew, you know there are laws against things like this.'

Aunty Drew: *Gup*


L said...

yay! Your'e back! I kept checking here every few days! (lol...gah, I sound like such a loser!).

Thanks for your comments on my site...I feel like I have been visited by a celebrity (as your blog was the first I ever visited....way back when you were b!tching about Bec and Layton hewit! lol).

anywho...Megan is So damn cute!!! agh!

Bugsy said...

look at that face! Has she just had a haircut? So cute. you know I want to come pinch those cheeks -they are very pinchable. Hope you are doing well. Have you thought about getting a new puppy so they can grow up together?

Drew said...

Hey there guys,
Thanks L - you are too nice. Thanks for reading and I hope you get much out of sharing your own story with other girls, especially us endosisters. Endo really sucks. I dont wish it on my worst enemy.
Bugsy (mummy!), :) Yeah this is Poopee's third haircut already!!!! We did her fringe and her back the first two times, and most recently I had the pleasure of taking her to the hairdressers for the first time to get a `proper' fringe cut. It turned out okay but i figured for $5 I can do just as good. But the experience itself is worth the money, she's so cute, sitting on my lap with her own little hairdressing cape on.

Did I mention I am in love? :OP I love to gently nibble on her earlopes, and watch the pleasure and big smile on her face.

Apeman talked about getting a puppy so Poopee can have a companion to grow up with. But i think we are still both a little raw from the experience with Max (his sudden death). So we are going to sit on it until Poopee turns one, which is only four months away!

sue said...