Friday, November 16, 2007

It finally happened!

Well, nearly anyway.

I tried to sit my nearly eight month old Poopee up next to me today on our love seat. She is still a little wobbly sitting up on her own, so we need lots of practice.

Just as she had steadied herself, she leaned on me, with both arms encircling my waist, and looked up. It was the closest thing to a voluntary hug (with the alternative being my bear hugs to her). She brushed my arms gently (with the alternative being the lashing of my flesh with her sharp nails), and mumbled `Ma Ma'.

I think it was just a part of her speech development as a baby, she started saying `Ba ba ba ba...' since six and a half months to just about anybody including Apeman (not a good look when she calls out `Ba ba' to the butcher), but it was only recently she started the `Ma ma' thing. Today it is the first time she looked to me and say it.

Hey I will take it. Whether or not she means it that's good enough for me. She reduced me to tears. I have been waiting to hear that for a very long time.


Bugsy said...

oh wow. You have me in tears too as I can just picture it. oh wow. That must be the most incredible thing. I can't wait. Although alex does say "Hungy" (which is just a coincidence that it is the thing he cries when he is hungry) lol. bring on the Ma Ma!

L said...

...* trying not to cry, trying not to cry *

.... agh! thats so beautiful! I would take it too!