Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Helicopter Parent

Always the late bloomer, for the first time since Poopee was born, I had my first `outing' - a.k.a. all by myself - for more than four hours. I went to have my hair rebonded.

Frank convinced me to give some time to myself, so he volunteered his mother to babysit Poopee whilst I had my hair done. I thought about it for at least two months already, especially since I have so much trouble dealing with my mother in law.

I drove over to her place, I gave her my packed bags (yes, bagzzz), I thanked her, blew Poopee a kissy wissy, and then I walked out of the door quickly before I change my mind. The moment the door was closed I heard my baby cry, it wasn't a tantrum cry - it was a fearful cry. I banged on the door, MIL opened up and I saw my baby with big tears and red rimmed eyes. I walked in and asked to hold Poopee (and she reached out for me) and I started to cry too.

Probably think I am nuts. Can't help it.

I am sure I will be much better with this separation thing next time.

In the end - I went, I have nice straight hair again.

Poopee was fine too. From what I heard later, Apeman had to drive MIL back to our house with Poopee because she was terrified of her new surroundings (and of MIL). She was happy as soon as she's home. And happier once she saw me four hours later.


Anonymous said...

aw...poor thing!....and Poopee too! =).

I have to admit I have never heard of that treatment before...was it expensive?

...why didn't Apeman look after Poopee himself? Or, he was at work?

Bugsy said...

ohhh sweetie. i just want to hug you both reading that. I can totally understand how you feel. the other night hubbs was holding a screaming little boy and I so wanted to rip him right out of his arms and cuddle him myself - and that is bubby's Daddy! i probably would have gone straight back in and cuddled her too. You are such a good mum - the love shines through.

OvaGirl said...

It's hard Drew, but it does get easier, and it's all part of the process, right? Loved seeing her picture, she is gorgeous.