Monday, February 05, 2007

32 weeks

Often it feels a little freaky. Poopee's movements are very coordinated now. Instead of jabs and sudden reflex movements, she is now doing slow (but coordinated) arms, legs and elbow movements. Last night, as I laid on bed (probably a little too quickly), she wasn't ready for my fast movements so she literally went from one side of my stomach, swwwwwish and toooooink onto the other side of my stomach. It was really cute. Then she thrashed her legs and arms fiercely to let me know - NOT HAPPY MOM!

Lately Apeman's been inspecting my body alot. Not in the dirty way, but he is totally fascinated with my body changes. The boobs are bigger (and a bit saggier, which is strange for somebody with small boobs to start with), the stomach is stretching and stretching, plus I am carrying quite low so he finds that amusing too. He talks to his unborn every night - telling her how much daddy loves her, and how he can't wait to see her face. It's quite sweet. Oh - he told me he misses sex too.

Yeah whatever.

No other major developments except we bought a stroller on impluse (it felt right when we saw it), and I bought myself a nappy bag - my last little bit of luxury before baby arrives. I measure 42 - 43 inches around the stomach, and I haven't seen my pubis-clitoris region for months now. I seem to have zero hair loss (for months - I cannot find a single strand of stray hair on the bathroom floor - or anywhere else).

I have also started to think a little about the birthing process, wondering how we are going to get le-babe out from le-little-hole. It's scary but I will worry about that once I stop worrying about carrying le-babe in le-utero.


Bugsy said...

hmmm yeah, I am kinda hoping that by the time I am full term they will have invented one of those star trek type transporters and they will just beam the baby outa there.

Of course though, I would let you borrow it first if they can get it working and tested in the next 8 weeks or so.

Good luck hun

Kath said...

Dear Drew, it's so good to hear this! Apeman is too sweet.

moi said...

i'm with bugsy. ii'll happily buy one of those lotto tickets for research...

me and m said...

I know what you mean about the co-ordinated's nice. I feel like I already know my baby, just we haven't met yet!

And I can sure relate to how one almost forgets what the 'netherland' regions looks like. Makes it harder to keep up that nice bikini-trim ritual that once seemed so important!

And the hairloss thing is true. The average person sheds 100 hairs/day. Pregnant women don't lose any! Just one of the many useless pieces of info I know!