Friday, February 23, 2007

34 Weeks + Several Days

Once I watched this movie, or maybe it was an advert, about this expectant mom who started to have contractions in the middle of the night. Her husband completely freaked out and ran around the house frantically searching for the car keys, hoping to get the show on the road as soon as possible. All this while the expectant mom stood calmly beside her packed overnight bag, smiling at her husband.

I never understood where that sense of calm came from.

Yesterday I woke up feeling `weird'. Like something was up. The weird feeling didn't go away and gradually throughout the day, I felt alot of pressure on my, urm, bum area. I can literally feel Poopee's head `descended' into my pelvic region. It was quite uncomfortable to say the least. Then later on the night, I started to feel the beginnings of a mild pelvic pain, for maybe 20 minutes or so.

No sense of calm from me. I completely freaked out to the point I had to put the TV on `mute' just so I can concentrate on my thoughts and what's happening.

Everything is okay today. I think it was Poopee wanting to lock herself in the `engaged' position, or something. I am carrying so low I just can't tell. I reckon when my waters break I will probably scream like a little girl.

In my freakish moments (what's new?) I promptly packed my bags for the hospital.

Better stay home just to be on the safe side. Oh. And charge all batteries.


Just another Jenny said...

I've heard about women having showers before they go to the hospital - are you kidding, as soon as I think I'm in labor I'll be in the car honking the horn for my husband to get his ass in gear.

Shawnee said...

My mom was one of the calm ones! Ate dinner, had a shower, then took my brother to the babysitters before she went in... (in her defense i think she might be crazy! HAHA)... Me on the other hand when I first started having contractions I went crazy I understand the not being able to concentrate on anything, that not being able to concentrate though still hasn't gone away for me since the first contractions started, I hope this isn't a beginning to not being able to concentrate ever again haha.

tops-y said...

My waters broke but I had no contractions, so I am probably one of those calm ones. I took a shower - because I hadn't yet had one that day and the last thing I wanted was for anyone to be down there if it wasn't clean, if you get my drift!!!
Good luck Drew - you will cherish every minute!

Shawnee said...

In regards to your comment on my blog the only reason I still have my wedding ring on is that it won't come off! I should have paid more attention and taken it off a couple months ago, but I didn't take that opportunity, now I am stuck with a smaller ring on a big finger for a while.

sue said...