Thursday, February 15, 2007

Life as it happens

I hauled myself to my local McDonald's this morning for my weekly hotcakes sloshed with hash browns sloshed with hot chocolate binge.

As I sat down with my big breakfast, it occured to me that the next couple of weeks will be the last of my lonely carefree days. Possibly the next time I want a sit-down morning breakfast at McDonald's, I will have to consider my baby's needs, her mood of the day... etc ..amongst other lovely little baby things I will need to consider. I also realise that the `just the two of us' lonely days between me and Apeman may soon be over, or at least be different. Throughout this pregnancy I have not seriously considered what life will be like post baby - because I was too worried about the pregnancy. As per John Lennon's most famous phrase:

`Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans.'
Instead for me it reflects:
`Pregnancy is what happens to you are busy worrying about everything.'

It is not that I am not prepared for motherhood - oh GOD I totally am. I have been wanting to be a mom for such a long time, I cannot wait to have my little bundle of joy in my arms and care for her, and be her everything. It is just that I have been so worried about the pregnancy I have forgotten to enjoy (at the very least) the last days of our single-married life, just to treasure the things we normally take for granted. Like going to the movies anytime we want to, or to go to bed whenever we want and sleep however long we want.

Today during my meal at McDonald's, an old Chinese lady came up to me and spoke to me in her language (as I later worked out that it was in fact Beijing Mandarin, which is alot more intense than ordinary Mandarin). I realise the reason she came to me for help was because I am Oriental myself, and she thought maybe I could understand her. She seemed really distressed and later she brought her husband to me (who was using a walking cane and appeared alot older than her). Unfortunately I could not understand a word she said (Mandarin is not my forte), but from what I gathered they caught the wrong bus, and was left stranded in the middle of nowhere. Sadly due to their language problem nobody could help them. After much fumbling and hand gestures (her husband was able to utter a few English words), they gave me a phone number to call, which turned out to be a local Asian community association. I was able to speak to the lady at the reception and we used her our translator. The receptionist explained to me their situation as recounted by the older gentleman, and she asked if I could drop the old couple off at a nearby petrol station, and there I was to contact an associate of hers so he could pick them up.

I did and when their ride arrived, the old lady held my hand and thanked me. She said `good, good' and pointed at my belly. I think she was trying to say something nice about my baby. It was that instant my baby decided to kick in response. I nearly cried. I am not sure why, maybe something to with the older gentleman reminding me of my passed grandpa, or maybe it was just a nice moment. Whatever it was feels good.


Meg said...

Drew - I have been following your posts for a while, being at around the same point in our pregnancies.

That was a lovely story. Just wanted to tell you.

moi said...

sometimes the little ones just know.

Thalia said...

I'm so glad you helped them, lots of people would not have bothered. Just one of many blessings for your baby, I'm sure.

I hope you get to enjoy these last few weeks now you've recognised them for what they are!

Kris said...

It is wonderful that you helped them. I think Poopee was letting you know that, too.

Enjoy your sleep while you can. Rumor has it, new moms don't get a whole lot.

Shawnee said...

I guess I am finally de-lurking. I have read your entire blog beginning to end, I love the way you write. I am 31 weeks pregnant so I guess we are pretty close to each other! You did a fantastic thing that many people wouldn't do. You truly are a good person and deserve your little poopee!

tops-y said...

Enjoy the movies, enjoy making a quick stop at the shop on the way home, make a weekend get-away with Ape Man. You will love being a mum, but these are the little things that I found I missed.

Shawnee said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. You might want to mention to your doctor about the contraction just to be on the safe side :)