Tuesday, February 20, 2007

34 Weeks

Wonderful, wonderful news today from my friend - who really is a trooper. It certainly makes my day. Well done Bugsy.

Today at 34 weeks I have severe back pain, minimal sleep, lots of uterus tightening/Braxton Hicks contractions, and the occasional flash of childbirth images floating in my mind. It is becoming real. To celebrate this 34-week milestone, me and my visiting girlfriend from London went to a teeny-bopper shop and tried on teeny-bopper clothes. She went nuts when she saw me in my tight rock-chic tee-shirt (bearing my underbelly) and unzipped tight crop jeans ensemble. It was a real vision.

Went to a Chinese New Year celebration dinner last night. Apparently this year is the year of the Golden Pig. Apparently lots of Chinese couples are fighting to conceive this year just to secure their own little golden piggy. Me and Apeman aren't fussy - all we want for Christmas is a healthy, happy baby. With Poopee being a golden piggy is a bonus.

She is already the apple in our eyes.

Halfway through the dinner we were told there will be a dragon dance performance. Loud drums banged through the entire time, so I was a little worried about Poopee's reaction to the commotion outside her safe home. She stopped wriggling for a few minutes, but once she got used to the noise outside, she started to kick her feet (against mommy's stomach) to the rhythm of the drums. I rubbed her bottom gently to soothe her.

I looked over across the table and saw my mother watching me. She had a wide grin on her face. Her attention was on me rubbing my baby. It was a nice moment between me and my mother, afterall she was there for me after all my failed IVF cycles.


Kath said...

Dear Drew, that sounds great. Not long now! And I loved that moment between you and your mother.

Kris said...

I'm so glad you are able to enjoy these moments.

Shawnee said...

I am sure your rock-chic t-shirt was really cute on you showing your baby belly! Thats neat that poopee was kicking to the beat, lets you know little babies really can hear things. Also, thanks for the comment- I asked my husband to count my stretch marks, he refused because he didn't want to get hit is what he said! haha

moi said...

the year of the Golden Pig is causing quite a stir around here, too.

so wonderful that your little one matched rhythm and that your mom was there to share with you. our baby is still thumping away to his own beat!

Bugsy said...

that is sooo cute. I love that time stopping moment you had with your mum. Very sweet. (p.s. thanks for commenting on my good news).

It's piggies all round - yay!