Thursday, January 22, 2009

5.5 Weeks

HCG = 24, 614
P4 = 105

Numbers alot higher than the last pregnancy, but on par with the first (Poopee). I know these numbers are not meant to be comparable, since every pregnancy is different. But I guess this means things are okay for now.

Scan moved forward to next friday as per the instructions of my good doctor. I hope to see a happier picture this time. I can only hope. I am staying aloof until then.

Cool as a cucumber.

Hideous image seen today at the maternity hospital (where I had my blood test). A girl looked about eighteen and was heavily pregnant, she was wearing hospital gown and slowly waddled on the hospital sidewalks with her mum, obviously for a pre-labour stroll. Smoking full strength cigarettes. She didn't even consider going down in dosage. That poor baby inside.


Thalia said...

you sound like you are in good shape, Drew, that's great. Fingers crossed!

Re the teenager, ugh. Dunno what to say.

Soralis said...

Good luck wishing you well with your scan!!

Ugg to the smoking teenager!. I had a 'friend' that continued to smoke through 2 pg's because she heard it lead to lower birth weight babies!

Mony said...

Those numbers are fantastic. I'm really feeling good now! Still, I'll stay cool like you.
As for the young mum, smoking or no...let's hope she becomes a great little mother. I just can't think about all the babes who live with irresponsible parents. It's too sad. and probably all too common.