Sunday, January 25, 2009

6 weeks and barfing


So it's really here. The barfing and wanting to barf feeling.

A mum in playgroup who is five months into her second pregnancy proudly bragged about her zero nausea throughout her last and current pregnancies. Not even the slightest.

I was in fact having this conversation with her on wednesday during playgroup that I suddenly had this funny taste in my throat. It's heeeeeere.

Apeman was changing Poopee last night when I was throwing up in the basin. Poopee saw my distress, and my gorgeousness, her lips trembled and she made herself cry. Afterwards I told Apeman I better do my throwing up elsewhere and away from Poopee next time.

Still calm. Everything is normal except I am hiding this pregnancy from the world (not the cyberworld of course) until I get a bit more reassurance.

I am at the hands of the higher beings. But I am happy already. Just happy.


Soralis said...

Good luck! Wishing you well.. nausea sucks, but it gave me comfort when I got really worried.

Take care

Endobaby said...

naaaw - thats so cute that she got upset...she loves her mummy very much!!!

yay for feeling sick - I had it really bad!