Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Apparently approximately 7 weeks

The title may explain the current situation. Apparently I am still pregnant despite the bleeding and sudden disappearance of nausea.

Good doctor was able to squeeze me in for a scan. He is such a good doctor so I didn't feel any discomfort during the vaginal scan, he easily got into position and a further two seconds later he announced that all is good nothing to worry about.


A close up revealed a beating heart. Gallop-gallop-gallop-gallop. Cervix closed. Only one sac. 7 weeks tomorrow.

Again nothing and nobody can explain the bleeding. I also bled at 6 weeks 3 days with Poopee. But it was not as much blood like today. And today the bleeding went on for quite a while.

For my peace of mind another scan was booked in a few weeks time. I don't know if I can wait that long but I will have to. Calm works. Panic and stressed doesn't.

Stay. Calm. Stay. Calm. Stay. Calm.


Thalia said...

So glad all is ok. By the way you don't have to wait that long. If you need another scan for your peace of mind, then you ask for what you need, no need to suffer in silence.

JV said...

I am so, so glad to read this update. I agree, no need to go crazy waiting for weeks until the next scan - speak up and they should be willing and ready to give you some peace of mind along the way.