Thursday, April 13, 2006

Easter Wishing

There are days when you think to yourself, oh wouldn’t it be nice to get knocked up naturally, your period never comes and you get tested positive for pregnancy.  Especially a week before you were meant to start an IVF cycle.  Oh the clichĂ©!

But no.  Mine’s here, exactly 14 days since ovulation.  No surprises for me – it’s like I don’t even dare to think it may happen to me.  Sigh.

Sometimes I like to read up on other people’s success IVF stories just so I can psyche myself for the excitement of a fresh cycle.

But I am not in the mood for it today.  I better in better mood next week because I am going to need it.  Somebody said to me today the whole bollock of IVF process is like rolling a dice – you have to keep rolling and eventually your number will be up soon.  Well my hands are getting really tired.

And congratulations Panda!  Well done you sparkly, sparkly gur-fren.

Happy Easter everybody!



Betty said...

Grit your teeth girl, I am gritting mine too. So much that I think they are wearing away! However, our lucky number is bound to roll around soon.
Happy Easter.

Ova Girl said...

Happy Easter Drew. Hoping that this is a good season for all eggs.

Thalia said...

I know, I had such hopes before the last cycle started. This time there's no chance, so I haven't been holding out any hope, it's been quite restful.

Hoping you had a good weekend.