Saturday, April 22, 2006

Some Egg Farm

Was at Coles today at the deli section waiting for my number to be called so I can buy some bacon and chicken. From the corner of my eye I saw a little boy making faces at me, I gave him a little cheeky wink. He smiled and went to his mother's side, she was possibly a woman my age (ie. early 30's), with a well-worn figure - even though she is quite slender herself, her stomach bulges out and appeared quite loose because afterall, she had five kids. Her smallest one was probably two years old, sucking on her thumb mumbling something about chicken or something. She looked at me, I smiled back. She smiled and then proceed to launch into a full-on verbal assault on her second oldest child - yelling at him to stop FUCKING around with the Coco-pops because she hasn't paid for it yet. And if he doesn't stop right this minute she will hurt him. Her children then ran mad around her trolley.

Unfortunately I had to stand there and watch because my number wasn't called yet, the mother looked at me again, I was pushing a trolley full of snacks, hair things, dessert things (all for Apeman except for the hair things), she looked a little beaten.

`Your little one is cute'. I found myself saying.
`Hmm thanks, yeah she's alright, thank God she's not saying much yet, you can have my older one if you want - see that one?' She was gesturing at the sandy haired boy who is now eating from the unpaid for Coco-pops.

If only she knows. The higher powers adpots some pretty weird logic.

Ultrasound indicated I have 5 growing follicles, and maybe another 5 that is on they way up - all from the good ovary (well done Diana). There's another 4 little ones on the smaller ovary but it is only really small (on ya Dierdre). Estrogen climbing nicely at 1500 yesterday. The clinic reckons I should be looking at egg collection next friday. Then it will be the moment of truth.

To the mothers out there with lots of children (ie. more than 2) - I salute you. Tough job, but I must say, great rewards.

Day 8 today. Bring it on.


Betty said...

Just think...when one of these little eggies works for you and you have a child, you will appreciate him/her so very much that I'm sure you will not be one of those parents who screams and swears at their child, no matter how stressed. At least waiting for a baby allows us time to observe others and to think about what we wouldn't/would do with our own offspring when they finally come.
Well done Diana and Dierdre!!

Thalia said...

Follicles sound good Drew, and I would have slapped that woman.

MC said...

Sounds like you are on track. I hope things keep going well.

That woman sounds annoying, I hate that comment.

Drew do you know what's happened to Kath? I missed a stack of stuff when I was away.

Drew said...

Hey girls

Yeah MC I have got no idea where Kath is - I recently went to her blog and ITS GONE! I think she probably changed the name of her blog... :(
I might try emailing her.

take care ladies. :)