Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Wishful thinking

It was Sunday morning, me and Apeman managed to drag ourselves out of bed early (ie. 8am) and went for a drive to a not so local nursery (plants type) to buy some plants.  We want to beautify the garden.

Ape:  “Want a coffee?”

Me:  “Yeah why not.”

So he took a left turn and we were at McDonald’s drive through – and placed an order for one of new Macca’s brewed coffee.  It tasted like crap but hey, it’s decent enough to keep us awake.  We didn’t buy two coffees – we bought one cup.  We always share one of everything ever since we were both 20. 

As we were taking turns to sip the coffee, I made a comment about not being able to do what we’re doing if we have children.  ie.  We can’t just drive off in the morning and do whatever we want if we have a baby in the house.  He said yeah.  But it will be nice if we have a baby won’t it? 

So there I was, trying to make our bleak situation as beautiful as possible. 

There is a guy here whom I work with.  He just couldn’t stop talking, it is as if he is possessed by some demon and all he talks about is his wife, house and mortgage.  So today, against my will, even before I was allowed to go and get my coffee, he went on about his big plans.  He wants his mortgage repayments to be reduced to $200 a month first, then his wife shall become pregnant, then the next nine months will be spent on renovating his house and maybe put in an extension for a few rooms for his unborn children, his wife will then quit her job and they will live on a single salary for the next three years until his wife returns to the workforce.  I was losing interest in his waffling, partially because he is so dull and boring and talks about himself all the time, and partially because I get annoyed when people talk about having children as if they can control when and where that will happen.  Because this is one of the things I no longer have control of and even if it happens it will be nothing short of a miracle.  If it happens I will worship whichever God and run down the road naked because I will be so blinded by happiness.  It is just something this workmate of mine will never understand because the chances are all those things he mentioned will happen to him at the time he said it will.

I need a new workstation.  Or a new job.


ninaB said...

Arrgghh. You must try and avoid this obnoxious twit. My brother & SIL added their name to a long waitlist for the best daycare in their city BEFORE they even started trying to conceive. Of course, everything worked out perfectly and their number came up the same month she delivered. Hard not to be jealous of those types, but can't they stop blabbing on about their lives??

Em said...

I hate those people too. The most irritating thing is most everyone I know who talks like that DOES have all their plans work out (boring bastards!).

Mony said...

Put money on it Drew. It will happen to him...except he'll probably win lotto & have twins into the bargain.
Bitter much? FUCK YES!

Kris said...

That's happened to me, too. Sigh...

Kath said...

Oh yes it will happen! And where the fuck does one live to have a mortgage of $200 a month? Lockridge?