Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Itchy Christmas

It's been a week. I have this full-on itchy stomach that ITCHES like hell. My poor bump is red all over due to my continued scratching. And when I don't scratch it, the skin gets even redder because it was dying for me to scratch it.

I had a cold shower at 3am last night just to get a bit of relief. Only to be woken up by Apeman at 7am this morning for him to complain to me about ME `torturing' my baby bump. I told him I don't even remember scratching my stomach - I had to sleep on my hands just to make sure I don't do it in my sleep. (A friend suggested wearing adult sized mittens).

What ever happened to the promise of shiny happy bumps from the numerous magazine shoots (think Britney Spears, Demi Moore, maternity mags cover girls...). Mine ain't shiny. It's just red.

And SUPER itchy.

Merry Christmas!!!


Bugsy said...

don't forget they airbrush all those pictures to make them look shiny and perfect.

Get the itching checked out. I seem to remember there is a pregnancy condition caused by the liver that has itching as its symptom. best to get it checked out - even if they only prescribe mittens and cream. Best to be cautious and get it checked out though (don't want to worry you though!)

Drew said...

Thanks Bugsy - I have already called the hospital and was told as long as the itching is contained within the stomach region it is normal. I am seeing my obs tomorrow (for my routine 6th month appointment) and will show him my injuries. :(

Ta Bugs!

Tiffany said...

I hope its not PUPPS that is terrible!