Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Knitting Times

I almost finished with a small cardigan (Size 000), knitted in white 8-ply acrylic baby soft yarn, for my little Poopee. But after much fiddling (on my part, and also Apeman's part) it no longer looks virginal white. Under a certain light it looks a little dull and muggy.

I am having serious troubles knitting the edges and buttonholes, and also with piecing it together, so I took it to my local Spotlight and asked for some help. I know this lady there, who is kind enough to offer me some help during her precious lunch hour. Bless her.

While she was teaching me - a lady popped her head in and oohed and ahhed over my cardigan, which was nice. But then she started to ask me if I am having a boy or girl. I said oh we are saving that as a surprise (white lie).

Well that is why I bought white yarn. It doesn't lead to any conclusion because we want to keep family and friends in suspense.

I just hope nobody drops by and see my growing stash of pink coverlets, wraps, little baby pullovers, and stuffed toys (dressed in pink and yellow outfits). Cute Poopee.


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You must show a picture of your little cardy when it is finished. Good luck with everything.