Friday, December 15, 2006

Quotes of the day

This is from Apeman's gorgeous niece and nephew (aged 5 & 7):

N1: `Aunty Drew - are you sure you are pregnant?'
Drew: `Yes honey, I am, what makes you say that?'
N1: `Well, did your doctor say you are pregnant? I mean, like, did he check you to see if there really is a baby inside?'
Drew: `Yes.'
N1: `You look a little fat to me that's all. Plus not all pregnancies work out you know.'
Drew: `........'

A few moments later...

N2: `Aunty Drew, when are you going to lay your baby?'
Drew: `Honey, chicken lay eggs, people give birth to babies.'
N2: `So when are you going to lay your baby then?'


Kris said...

N2 is hilarious!

UtRus said...

that is so funny! I wonder, after you lay your baby, do you have to sit on it??