Wednesday, March 07, 2007

36 weeks plus

Me and poopee were examined by the good doctor just now. The outcome of this appointment was:
  • Mommy's blood pressure is still good (a.k.a. normal). So the discomfort I have been feeling lately (the bloating and pressure on bowels) is really Poopee's fault.
  • Sugar levels fine - considering the recent indulgements I had, I am damn lucky already.
  • Poopee has well, and trully, engaged in my pelvis. Her head is so deep into my pelvis I think I can almost touch her if I reach deep enough. But of course I won't try that one at home. That's mental.
  • Poopee is growing well, and continues to be a good size, therefore making her a bit larger than the average baby.
  • Internal examination at 38 weeks. And if the cervix is ready, I maybe induced as soon as 38.5 weeks. Which means I maybe having a March Poopee. Fingers crossed because I much rather be expecting the expected, than having my waters broken in public, probably at somewhere really inconvenient like the bank's queue or in my car whilst I'm driving. And with Poopee's size, it makes me a reasonable candidate for inducement.

Dumb-ass question of the week:

Good Doctor: I will be doing an internal examination on you in two weeks time.

Dumbass Drew: Is that going to hurt?

Good Doctor: I think you have bigger things to worry about in a few weeks time. And no, for your information, it doesn't hurt.

Apeman's moment of the week:

Apeman: I saw something really funny yesterday. I was watching you pick up dog shit in the backyard. You were wearing that short dress, and you leaned over, and I can see your undies, and that's the not funny part, I saw your underbelly too. It looks massive from the angle I was watching you from.

Drew: Nice.


Kath said...

Dear Drew, so glad everything continues to go well. Your big baby will be here so, so soon!

Oh, Apeman.

Bugsy said...

Ohhh getting exciting now. Definately sounds like it won't be long now - yay! We wanna see Poopee! (do you know how weird that sounds to say?). All the best hun!

Em said...

Just to let you know, as I discovered (although I have nothing to compare it to!) induction makes the contractions more intense and painful. Consequently, I told the midwife to rip up my "I just want gas and air" birth plan and was begging for an eqidural, pretty much from 1cm dilated!!! It's all fun.

Drew said...

Eeek! :(
I don't have a birth plan, but my vague plan is also no drugs only gas.....
Second thoughts?????

me and m said...'re gonna have this baby soon!!!

And yeah, I wouldn't worry too much about the internal exam... :-)

Shawnee said...

Sounds like we might be delivering at the same time.