Monday, March 19, 2007

That Epilator can wait....

Two days ago I saw the tiniest bit of blood streak on my cervical mucous after a routine wee. I analysed it for a little while, called the midwife, and was told it was probably a show. I doubted it because the blood streak was so tiny it cannot possibly be a `proper show'. But the midwife reckoned it was. Anyhoo I haven't seen anymore of that (blood) since.

Last night I tried my best to epilate my legs (we ain't going into labour with hairy legs here), unfortunately for me my trusty Braun epilator made a sad little noise and died on me at the most crucial moment (I was halfway through my other leg). So I was going to drive down to my local electrical store this morning to pick up a new one. And then I read about this. My Canadian friend who share similar due dates with me just gave birth, by surprise! I am totally happy for her that everything worked out well, and her baby is so lovely.

Looks like I am staying home today - I am just going to have to settle for one half-epilated hairy leg. Hope nobody notice.

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me and m said...

how sweet, thankyou Drew for the compliment on my little one (I was sure you would be first)!!!

I finally shaved just yesterday. Yhis is my first shave in literally a month! I feel so sexy - heehee. That and I can see my toes again.

I love your belly shot, by the way. Love it.
Enjoy those last few weeks of, I mean pregnancy.