Friday, March 02, 2007

Holy Crap!

Now I know I am not a slip of a girl. I know I have been indulging in food and sweet treats. I know I eat quite frequently and in abundance. Because I am happy and don't want to undernourish my unborn.

Imagine my utter shock and horror just now when I was moisturising myself post-shower in front of the bedroom room mirror - and saw patches of angry red welts running all the way up my buttocks and down to my mid-thigh. I have seen these welts before - maybe I wasn't looking for them. Those bloody Palmer's advertisements show them all the time - pregnant women with red stretch marks around the stomach to show you what you will look like if you don't use their product.

I religiously moisturise my stomach. Not with Palmer's stuff, but normal body butter because I have an allergic reaction to the Palmer's products. I must have thought my thighs are immuned to stretch marks.



moi said...

I feel your pain. The only place I've developed spider veins is at the top front of my thighs. they look like angry paint splashes. my tummy is completely clear. must get up the nerve to check out my butt later on...

Shawnee said...

I have actually used palmer's through my whole pregnancy. I SWEAR it has made them worse, I have pictures that I really don't want on my blog but if you want a good laugh I will send them to you and you can see how horrible my stomach looks! Oh yeah and I am the first one in the family to get these "badges of honor" boy it doesn't get any better than that!

Mony said... know all the cool kids have stretch marks. It's true. It's so 2007 honey!
..make you feel better? Oh babe, I'm sorry 'bout the welts, but I bet you wear them well.

moi said...

*update* checked out my butt, and much to my horror there are a zillion red squiggles roaming about. sigh. ignorance really was bliss.

Just another Jenny said...

I should have warned you - my stomach looks lovely but my ass? Stretch mark heaven!