Thursday, March 15, 2007

A snap shot

Poopee's in da house.


moi said...

such a lovely round tummy! :)

Stilla Momma said...

wow u could be a tummy model :) congrats!!!!!!!!

- The former Sunnie from Sunnie Side Up

Mony said...

Damn, you look fabulous. Truly gorgeous Drew. Thinking about you!

Just another Jenny said...

You look great! No wonder you feel like your pelvis is going to fall apart, poopee looks like a low rider.

Em said...

Looking good, girl. Where's that Stella Mac oversized jumper?

Sammy-Sam said...

I stumbled on your blog whilst looking for other women undergoing the same trials and I can't tell you how glad I am you decided to journal your experiences! You REALLY must think about properly publishing all of this when Poopee is sleeping through the night! What a fantastic memoir for her!

I am looking so forward to meeting Poopee! The time is so close now, you must be over the moon!

Loving karma to you, Apeman and Poopee from Canada! And once again, many, many thanks. You've given me and probably many others a very special gift by keeping this blog; the gift of hope!

Take care!