Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Sunshine of My Life

Just hours after my last post about narkiness, one hour past midnight into the start of 22nd March, my waters broke with a vengance - I officially went into labour. I had a late night, for some insane reason I wanted to finish up all the accounting work I was doing for Apeman, so I was on the computer madly tapping away. Eventually Apeman managed to get me off the computer and in bed with him. We talked about when Poopee will arrive, we talked about the possibility of getting an induction in my 39th week, we talked about Poopee.

Then I felt a gush of warm fluids passing through the vagina. I was scared shitless. I rang the midwife whilst sitting on a towel, and was told to go straight to the hospital.

1:30am We arrived at delivery suite reception.

1:31am I requested for epidural. Fuck the previous drugs free birth plan.

2:00am I felt the first strong contraction. It was painful but bearable.

2:05am I was told I am 2cm dilated.

2:10am Was told to get some rest as I was still in`pre-labour' and still has a while to go. Was hit with a massive contraction pain and I requested for epidural again.

3:00am Standing under hot showers with nozzles directing at the lower back, cursing in two different languages. Heard a lady next door moaning and screaming through her own contractions. We somehow managed to synchronise.

3:30am Epidural guy arrived. Apeman supported me whilst the doctor insert that happy drug into my back. It was a funny feeling, slightly painful but at this stage I was desperate for anything.

3:45am Internal examination indicates I was 5 cm dilated. I was also told my Poopee has a full head of hair.

6:00am Calmly discussed the joys of parenthood and infertility with young midwife as I breathe through my contractions. Her shift ends at 7:00am so we both agreed it was a shame she doesn't get to see me give birth...etc. I couldn't feel the pains, but can definitely feel an uncomfortable pressure on my bottom. It wasn't pleasant but bearable.

7:30am Apeman bought coffee, Starburst lollies and a muffin. I was going to have a bite but was told not to in case I need to go to theatre. Was told my good doctor who will be doing the delivery will arrive at 8:45am to do an internal examination on me.

8:40am Good doctor arrived. Fingers in. The first thing he said was, `This baby has a full head of hair!'. The second thing he said was,`On your next contraction I want you to start pushing.' I was 10cm dilated - and was a little surprised because I thought I still have a few hours to go!

8:45am First push. I felt like I was pushing at nothing in particular. My doctor positioned me properly and asked me to push against a certain direction. I did my best.

9:14am Apparently my best was good enough. The head of my beautiful girl emerges.

9:15am The love of my life slide out of my body easily and was placed on my stomach. She has a full head of wet hair, her arms and legs were kicking up in the air - screaming at the indignity of it all! I was crying and told her in my mother's tongue that I have been waiting for her for so long. Then she opened her eyes and `see' me and Apeman for the first time, she is indeed the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

We named her Megan. She is forever my Poopee. My sweet. My everything. She is well worth the wait.

Currently I am surviving on adrenaline, since giving birth on 22nd March I haven't slept much at all. I can't take my eyes off her. She looks like Apeman when she sleeps, and a bit like me when she opens her eyes. She weighed a little under 7 lbs and measured 42cm long when she was born.

And yes she indeed has a full head of hair, it makes us so proud to push her around the hospital nursery amongst all the other bald-headed babies. Words cannot explain how happy we both are at the moment. We are trully blessed.


Patience said...

Drew - she's amazing!!!

Congratulations to you and Apeman, little Megan is definitely worth the wait.

smooches for you all! x

Kath said...

Oh, Drew, how wonderful! Congratulations to you and Apeman!

She's beautiful. Welcome to the world, little Megan!

I'm completely dissolving in tears.

Sammy-Sam said...

Never met you Drew but after reading your entire blog from start to finish, I feel I've known you all of my life.

Warmest hugs and congratulations to you, your Apeman and your darling daughter Megan!

Welcome, welcome little Poopee! You're absolutely smashing! Come see us in Canada someday!

Lesley & Dean

moi said...

drew, my biggest congraulations on the arrival of your beautiful little girl.

my heart was racing, reading your story. I'm so happy that she's here and healthy!

life, is just so incredibly amazing.

Betty said...

Oh Drew, she is beautiful and what a beautiful post. I'm sitting here about a week from my ceasarean date reading your post with tears in my eyes. I believe you when you say it was worth the wait. Enjoy this precious time together.

Marie-Baguette said...

she is incredibly beautiful! Congratulations!

Just another Jenny said...

Oh my, your giving me the baby crazies! She is so gorgeous. I love that hair. The timeline is great, it hilarious that you were there for 1 min and asked for an edidural (I have "wants epidural" on my forms so I'll be in the same boat). I'm happy that you are home and doing well. What an exciting time for your family!

three minute palaver said...

Congratulations Drew, Meagan is lovely.

Susie said...

Drew, She is beautiful. I have followed your journey all the way and I am so happy that you finally have your sweet poopee

Thalia said...

Oh sweetie, you totally made me cry with this one, and I don't usually cry at pregnancy annoucements. She is adorable, you look beautiful, and you writing about speaking to her in your mother tongue? Just blew me away, I could feel that moment.

So very happy for all three of you.

ninaB said...

oh my god Drew!
she is so beautiful. so perfect.
i wish you, Apeman and Megan many many happy years together.

Bugsy said...

oh my - she is incredibly, amazingly, eternally beautiful. I am in awe. Wow. Wishing you all the very very best. Mummy, Daddy, wow.

Shawnee said...

Congratulations Drew! I still find it funny that me and you both had our beautiful babies on the same day! She really does have a lot of hair, she is gorgeous!

me and m said...


Congrats on your long awaited little
Megan is a beautiful name!

Stilla Momma said...

I am in AWE! WOW! what a beautiful munchkin!


I am SO HAPPY for you!

Sheryl said...

I go away on vacation and look what happens!